Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th July 2022 Written Update: Hriday calls off the marriage


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha realizes that Mohan is kneeling in front of God and she tells about it to Mohan. She asks him to take God’s blessings. He gets up and tells her that he don’t want blessings. He asks her that if she is fine. She nods at him. She asks God to support her to complete her vows. On the other hand, Damini tells Kaveri that Ketki is not like Radha and Tulsi. She says that Ketki found proof against Kaveri. Kaveri tells her that she ate the wig so Ketki don’t have any proof.

Damini tells her that Ketki won’t stay silent now. Rahul and Ketki overhears their conversation. Ketki tells Rahul that now he will believe that Damini and Kaveri are behind everything. Rahul tells her that he believes it but they needs proof or else their family members won’t believe it. She tells him that they will get proof but she needs his help.

Hriday notices Damini’s call and moves aside to talk. Damini asks Hriday that if Mohan is there. He tells her that he is at temple and he will talk to her later and disconnects the call. Gungun asks him about the call. He asks her that if it’s necessary to tell her everything. She tells him that she will find out anyhow and leaves from there. He tells himself that this time Mohan saved her but not always.

Kaveri assumes that maid kept milk in her room and she drinks it. Ketki and Rahul sees that. Ketki recalls that how she mixed something in that milk. Kaveri screams because of stomach pain. Ketki enters the room and tells her that the latter is in pain because she ate wig. Kaveri tells her that she don’t know about any wig and faints.

Ketki asks Rahul to do something. They discuss about their plan. Kaveri wakes up and laughs. Damini comes out with her mobile. She asks them that how others will react once they knows about it. She recalls that how she saw Ketki mixing something in Kaveri’s milk. She shows the video to them. She says that she will show this video to Kadambari. She warns Ketki to not come in her way.

Kadambari gets worried about Radha. Mohan tells her that Radha completed her oath. Damini notices Gungun. She murmurs to Kaveri that Hriday is useless. Kadambari notices blood stains in Radha’s kneel. Radha tells her that what happened in the temple. Hriday tells her that she forgot the important matter. He reveals that how Mohan helped Radha to complete her oath. He tells Sundari that Radha is really a good girl but he can’t marry Radha which shocks everyone.

Sundari asks him to not say like that. She says that she send invitation to everyone. He tells her that Radha loves Mohan that’s why he took this decision. He adds that he don’t want to ruin four people’s life. He asks Damini to not marry Mohan because he also loves Radha.

Kadambari tells him that he misunderstood everything. Hriday says that Radha, Mohan and Gungun living like a family and they don’t need anyone else. Rameshwar asks him that now who will marry Radha. Hriday tells him that Mohan will marry Radha. Mohan scolds him and holds his collar.

Episode ends.

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