Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th June 2022 Written Update: Mohan and Gungun pray to God for Radha


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Damini brings the unconscious Radha downstairs. Mohan and Gungun look for Radha. Damini notices that and hides Radha behind the sofa. Mohan asks Damini that if Radha came to her room. Damini tells him that Radha came for lunch but she don’t know where is Radha now. He asks Gungun to search on the terrace and he will search in the kitchen. They leaves from there. Kadambari tells Damini that she is glad that the latter apologized to Radha. She adds that Mohan will forgive Damini soon. Mohan comes there and asks Kadambari about Radha.

Kadambari tells him that he should forgive Damini. He tells her that he forgave Damini when she apologized to Radha. She asks him to hug Damini. He side hugs Damini. Gungun comes there and tells Mohan that Radha is not on the terrace. Kadambari says that Radha must be here only. She asks him to call Radha. Mohan calls Radha and they hears phone ringing sound. They searches the phone which terrifies Damini. Damini takes Radha’s phone and lies that she found it under the sofa. Gungun says that Radha is not that much careless to leave her phone under the sofa.

Two guys comes there to collect the carpet from cleaning service company. They says that Radha called them. Damini shows the carpet to those guys and asks them to take it. Those guys takes the carpet from there. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that where is Radha now. She notices Radha’s hand and fails to drag her inside. But she removes Radha’s bangles. Those guys keeps the carpet in the tempo. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Radha is inside the carpet.

Kaveri comes there and asks that what happened. Kadambari tells her that Radha is missing. Gungun gets worried about Radha. She asks Mohan to find Radha and goes inside. Kaveri asks Damini that where is Radha. Damini shows the tempo to her and tells her that Radha is inside the carpet. Kaveri asks her that if the latter killed Radha. Damini tells her that Radha is unconscious that’s it. Kaveri tells her that Radha will tell the truth to everyone after regaining her consciousness. She scolds her. Damini tells her that she did it in anger and she did not think about anything else.

Mohan finds Radha’s bangles on the floor. He feels that Radha is in danger. Tulsi’s spirit asks him to go outside and save Radha. He sends Ajeet outside to search Radha. He calls Shekhar and tells him that Radha is missing. Kadambari tells him that Radha is their responsibility and nothing should happen to Radha. She adds that they should inform Rameshwar about Radha’s disappearance. Ketki tells Rahul that Kaveri and Damini must have done something to Radha. Kaveri asks Damini that if anyone saw her with carpet. Gungun asks Vishwanath to bring Radha back. She prays to God for Radha. Mohan joins her.

Episode ends.

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