Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Radha’s ‘chudapujan’ ritual


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha asks God to give her strength to turn Mohan’s hatred into love. Mohan falls on the bed and asks God to protect him. He says that if Shalu came then send Radha with Shalu. She hears him and she switch off the lights. He screams in fear and asks her to switch on the lights. She does it and he falls asleep. She thinks that she is hurting him but she don’t have any other choice. And she did not come for locker key because Mohan and Gungun only matter for her. She feel like someone was watching her and she sees shadow of someone and leaves the room. 

On the other hand, Damini plans to steal the locker key. Kaveri asks her that if the latter is sure about it. Damini tells her that they will end up in jail if Radha got to know the truth then. She says that Kadambari is in bathroom and Vishwanath is drinking so they won’t get a better chance than this. She tries to steal the locker key. Stranger sees that. Radha sees him and asks him that who is he. Stranger runs from there.

Damini and Kaveri also hides. Stranger takes the locker key before Damini steals it and he drops it on the hall. Ajeet asks Radha that what happened. Radha tells him that she saw someone. Ketki asks Ajeet to stay away from Radha because she may accuse him too. She tells Radha that she won’t forget her betrayal. She warns her to stay away from her and Ajeet. Kadambari comes there and asks that what happened. Ketki tells her that she was showing her place to someone. And she goes inside with Ajeet. 

Radha says that she lost a good friend like Ketki. Kadambari taunts her and says that it happened due to Radha’s actions. She asks her to sleep because tomorrow  ‘chudapujan’ ritual will happen. Radha goes inside. Kadambari notices the locker key and she takes it. She says that it’s time to handover the responsibility to daughter in law of this house. Damini and Kaveri sees that. Kaveri tells Damini that her effort went in vain. Damini tells her that tomorrow she won’t let Radha get the locker key. Stranger says that time has come to expose the secret and leaves from there. 

Next day, Radha’s chudapujan begins. Kadambari tells Radha that the latter can’t remove those bangles for the next 6 months. She says that daughter in law gets responsibility too during this ritual. She makes Radha wear the bangles. Tulsi’s spirit smiles seeing that. Radha gets emotional seeing the bangles. Damini tells Mohan to stop Kadambari. Kadambari is about to give locker keys to Radha. But Mohan stops her. He tells her that she can do whatever ritual she want to do with Radha but Radha can’t become his wife so he will take his room and cupboard key with him. 

Episode ends. 

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