Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th July 2022 Written Update: Damini plans to separate Radha and Mohan


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ketki tells Damini that she will tell everyone that she saw her with carpet and Radha was inside the carpet. Ajeet asks her that how is that possible. He tells her to not accuse Damini like this. Kadambari says that Ketki is habituated to accuse others. She tells her that everyone knows that the latter don’t like Damini. She reminds her that Damini saved Radha’s life. She advices her to learn good things from Damini. Ketki tells her that the latter will regret for trusting Damini and goes inside. Tulsi’s spirit tells Kadambari that the latter should not trust Damini.

Kadambari says that she is not understanding that why her children cares about money more than relations. Damini tells her that one day they will realise the latter’s love and hugs her. Kadambari notices Damini’s bag and asks her about it. Damini makes an excuse and goes to her room. She recalls that how Guru maa said that Radha and Mohan are like made for each other. Guru maa says that Mohan and Radha has to be separated from each other and they have only one way to do that. Damini tells Kaveri to do what Guru maa told her to do. Kaveri tells her that this time Radha can’t escape.

Radha leaves the temple. Kaveri comes there in her disguise form and she makes Radha fall down. She beat her up with stick. Radha asks her that why the latter beating her up. Kaveri asks her that how can the latter run away from the house for a guy. Radha tells her that she is not the latter’s daughter. She thinks that the old lady become mad. Kaveri beat her up again. Radha asks her to go to her house. She hides behind the tree. She thinks that she made mistake by coming this way. She tells herself that only Damini can save her now.

Mohan praises Damini for saving Radha’s life. Damini says that they should talk about their marriage. She notices Radha’s call and puts it on speaker. Radha tells Damini that one old lady beating her up. Mohan tells her to wait there. Damini thinks that first step of her plan got successful. Kaveri finds Radha and chases her. She pushes Radha in the mud. She beat her up. Mohan comes there and stops Kaveri. He asks her that who is she to beat Radha up. Kaveri scolds him for cheating on his wife with Radha. She starts beating him up too. He snatches the stick from her. He threatens to beat her and she runs from there.

Radha cries saying that it’s paining a lot. Mohan pours water on her. He teasingly says that Radha deserved this. He washes her face and she stares him ( Title song plays in the background ). She pulls him into the mud by mistake. Damini gets angry seeing that. Radha laughs seeing Mohan. One guy clicks their picture. Damini signals at him. She thinks that second step of her plan got successful too.

Episode ends.

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