Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th March 2023 Written Update: Kadambari decides to prove her innocence


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Kaveri tells Radha to eat kheer and break the fasting. She says that Kadambari made the kheer especially for Radha. Radha asks her to not worry about her. Priest asks Radha and Mohan to perform aarti. Mohan refuses. Radha tells him that she has to break her fasting after aarti. Gungun asks Mohan that won’t he perform aarti. Mohan tells her that he will do that. Radha takes him near Lord Shiv idol ( Title song plays in the background ).

Priest gives aarti plate to Radha. Mohan and Radha performs aarti. Damini gets angry seeing Radha’s smiling place. She holds the aarti plate and they continues the aarti. Guests asks that why Damini joined Radha and Mohan. Gungun pushes Damini and joins Radha and Mohan saying that she will perform aarti with her parents. They completes the aarti.

Kadambari takes kheer bowl. Damini thinks that Radha is going to die on Kadambari’s hand. She tells Kaveri to have patience. Radha recalls that how she saw Kaveri and Damini outside the kitchen and how Kaveri told her to eat kheer. Kaveri asks Damini that why Radha is glaring them.

Kadambari tells Radha to break her fasting. She is about to feed kheer to Radha but Radha holds her hand and says that she can’t eat that kheer. Kadambari tells her that it’s prasad. Radha tells her that there is poison in the kheer. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Kadambari says that she made this kheer. Priest says that Radha is insulting God. Radha says that she is not insulting anyone. She claims that Damini mixed poison in the kheer. Damini gets shocked hearing her. Kadambari asks Radha that if the latter is mad. Radha tells her that it’s Damini’s plan to kill her.

Kaveri murmurs to Damini how Radha know the truth. Damini tells her that they can’t back off now. She scolds Radha for accusing her. She asks her that why she will try to kill her. Kaveri tells Radha that Damini is not that kind of person. And Damini is not criminal to kill everyone and Radha is behind Damini always. Radha tells her that they are behind the house happiness.

Kadambari tells Radha that she made kheer so she will be blamed for everything. Tulsi tells her that Radha must be right. Mohan asks Radha that if the latter is accusing Kadambari. Damini tells him that Radha is doing that only. She says that Kadambari said she would prefer Radha’s death over Tulsi’s death that’s not mean Kadambari will try to kill Radha. Guests gossips about Kadambari.

Radha asks Damini to not involve Kadambari in all this. She says that she know Kadambari can’t do something like this. Kadambari asks her to stop the drama. She says that she will eat kheer to prove her innocence. Damini tells Kaveri that they can’t stop Kadambari so let Kadambari die.

Episode ends.

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