Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th August 2022 Written Update: Damini finds the newspaper


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vishwanath comes there and asks Hriday that who is he. Rameshwar tells him that Hriday is Radha’s fiancee. Radha and Hriday takes Vishwanath’s blessings. Kadambari introduces Vishwanath to Hriday and Latha. She says that Vishwanath went to Nainital for work. Hriday gets shocked hearing city name. Vishwanath tells him that it looks like he have seen him somewhere. He asks him that if they ever met. Hriday shook his head. He makes an excuse and takes Latha from there. Vishwanath gives Ketki’s favorite snack to her. He asks Mohan to take it too. Mohan recalls Radha’s comment about his relationship with Vishwanath. He takes snack from Vishwanath. That newspaper has Hriday’s news with his photo.

Hriday tells Latha that Vishwanath would have seen his wanted poster in Nainital. He says that two girls escaped in his previous consignment and they would have told about his face feature to police. He adds that Damini will throw him out of the house if she gets to know the truth then.

On the other hand, Kaveri asks Damini that if the latter is sure that Tulsi’s spirit slapped her. Damini asks her that who else can slap like that. She says that Tulsi’s spirit don’t want Radha’s marriage to happen with Hriday. Kaveri tells her that Tulsi’s spirit can stop this marriage. Damini tells her that they have to do something without anyone’s knowledge. She wonders that what if Tulsi’s spirit knows her connection with Hriday.

Mohan asks Radha that if she is fine. Radha nods at him. Sundari asks him that what is he doing there. She reminds him about Kadambari’s promise. He tells her that now engagement is over that’s why he came downstairs. Radha tells Sundari that Mohan did not break the promise.

Damini finds the newspaper and sees Hriday’s photo. She hides the newspaper from Kadambari. Dulari takes the newspaper while taking bed sheets. Kadambari asks Damini about sweets. Damini tells her that sweets will be delivered tomorrow. Kadambari asks her to take rest and leaves from there. Damini realises that newspaper is missing and Dulari would have took it.

Dulari drops the newspaper in Mohan’s room. Damini stops Dulari and lies to her that she is searching her ring. She searches the newspaper. She tells herself that everything will be ruined if anyone saw Hriday’s photo in the newspaper then. Hriday asks her that she is talking about which photo. She takes him from there.

Radha learns to make video call from Gungun. Gungun video calls Mohan and gives the phone to Radha. She falls asleep. Radha talks to Mohan about ring. He tells her that it looks like God don’t want her marriage to happen with Hriday. He reminds her that tomorrow is her mehndi. He asks her to sleep. Radha tells in Gungun’s ears that she loves Mohan. Mohan gets shocked hearing that. He recalls that how Radha used to tell in Gungun’s ears that lying is wrong. She prays to God to help her to reconcile Mohan and Gungun’s relationship. Mohan tells himself that Radha has to stay in this house.

Damini tells Hriday that she just saw his photo. She asks him that what he did. He lies to her that he stoled small things that’s it. She says that no one should find that newapaper or else her plan will be ruined. Next day, Radha tells Sundari that she is feeling weird. Sundari tells her that everything will be fine. Dulari cleans Mohan’s room. Radha sees the newspaper and reads it.

Episode ends.

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