Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th March 2023 Written Update: Radha asks Damini to prove her innocence


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Kadambari says that she will eat the kheer to save the reputation of her family. She is about to eat the kheer but Mohan stops her and tells her that she can’t eat it. Radha tells Mohan that he did good by listening her. Mohan tells her that he don’t trust her at all and he stopped Kadambari because he don’t think his mother need to prove anything. He says that Kadambari gave daughter in law rights to Radha but in return Radha is accusing Kadambari. And Radha can’t tolerate their happiness that’s why she is doing all this.

He scolds her for accusing Kadambari. She tells him that she is accusing Damini. She says that Damini mixed poison in the kheer through window. And she found Damini and Kaveri outside the kitchen too. He asks her that why she did nothing when she saw Damini mixing poison in the kheer. She says that she did not saw that and she understood everything now.

Damini asks Radha that how the latter know about poison if she did not see anything then. Radha thinks that she can’t reveal the complete truth now. She reminds silent. Damini tells Mohan that Radha accuses her always. She claims that she did not even enter the kitchen. She asks Kadambari and Dulari that if they saw her in the kitchen. Kadambari shook her head. Kaveri asks that how Damini can mix the poison in the kheer when Damini did not even enter the kitchen.

Kadambari asks Radha that how the latter know there is poison in the kheer when Radha also did not enter the kitchen. Kaveri asks Radha to answer Kadambari’s question. Damini says that she did not even react when guests taunted her. And she is not understanding what’s happening with her. Ajeet, Ketki and Rahul scolds Radha. Kaveri claims that Radha is not letting Damini live peacefully.

Gungun says that Radha never lies so Damini did something wrong. Mohan tells her that Radha accused Kadambari. Radha tells Gungun to stay silent. Kaveri says that Radha married Mohan by lying. Guests gossips about Trivedis. Kadambari tells Radha that her family’s reputation matters the most for her. Radha takes the kheer bowl from Kadambari. She says that she will prove that there is poison in the kheer.

Kaveri tells Damini that they will get caught if Radha died then. Radha asks Damini to eat the kheer and prove her innocence. Damini says that she can’t tolerate all this insult. Kadambari asks Radha to stop her drama. She takes Radha, Damini and Mohan inside. Kaveri follows her. Kadambari says that she made kheer for her daughter in law. And Radha want to give Mohan’s wife and daughter in law of Trivedis rights to Damini. She tells Damini to eat kheer. Mohan asks Damini to eat kheer and prove that there is no poison in the kheer.

Episode ends.

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