Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th December 2022 Written Update: Damini outsmarts Tulsi’s spirit


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th December 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha screams for help. Mohan feels like Radha called him. He wonders that where is Radha. Tulsi’s spirit throws Kaveri out of the room and locks the door from inside. Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that today is her marriage and she pleads her to not do anything. Tulsi’s spirit tells Damini that she will save Radha and she won’t let this marriage happen. In the shed, Radha sees Vishwanath in intoxicated state. She asks Pratap to open the tank.

Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that Radha will die. Tulsi’s spirit moves towards Damini and falls down. She notices Damini’s kangan dora. Damini recalls Guru maa’s words. Kaveri thinks that Tulsi’s spirit beating Damini. Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that she can fight against anyone for Mohan. She says that today is the end of Radha and Tulsi’s spirit. She adds that she tolerated everything and now it’s Tulsi’s spirit turn to get hurt. Damini’s kangan dora power attacks Tulsi’s spirit. Tulsi’s spirit screams. Mohan gets up from the marriage mandap. Kadambari tells him that he can’t go anywhere. He tells her that he felt like his loved one called him.

Gungun calls Radha. Pratap notices the call and switch off the phone. He talks about harming Gungun. Radha scolds him. He tells her that only her dead body will come out of the tank. She threatens to kill him. He orders his guy to increase the speed of water. Gungun gets worried about Radha.

Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that she run away from her always but this time it’s different. She recalls that how Tulsi’s spirit attacked her. She reminds Tulsi’s spirit that the latter can’t hurt Mohan’s family and due to kangan dora she is connected with Mohan now.

Priest asks Kadambari to call the bride. Mohan asks them to call Radha. Ketki tells him that he is getting married to Damini. He says that everyone should be there. She asks him that if he is fine. She tells him to call off the marriage if he don’t want to marry then.

Radha tells God that she has to stay alive for Mohan and Gungun. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that how Damini know about the promise. Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that the latter can’t do anything once she becomes Mohan’s wife. Kadambari asks Ketki that why the latter is not understanding the seriousness of Gungun’s case. Ketki tells her mother that Gungun and Mohan are not happy with this marriage. Kadambari tells her to bring Damini.

Pratap dances with Vishwanath. Radha sees that and understands that Vishwanath is not in his sense. She calls him and ask him to open the tank. Damini shows the live telecast of shed to Tulsi’s spirit. She says that she won’t let Radha suffer a lot and send Radha to Tulsi’s spirit soon. She asks Tulsi’s spirit to play with Radha.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Mohan tells Ajeet to call Radha and ask her to return home. Pratap drops Vishwanath’s belongings in the shed deliberately. On the other hand, Radha searches Vishwanath in the shed but she finds Vishwanath’s belongings. She confirms that Vishwanath is there. Ajeet says that Radha is not picking the call. Ketki asks Mohan to not marry today. Kadambari tells Ketki that today Mohan’s marriage should happen for Gungun’s sake. She reminds Mohan that they will lose Gungun if he don’t get married today then. She thinks that Radha left the house because she can’t witness Mohan marrying someone else.

Gungun says that she want to see Mohan in sehra. Mohan tells her that he will fulfill her wish. Tulsi’s spirit hope that Radha is safe. Pratap closes the door of shed. Radha gets shocked seeing Pratap there and runs inside and hides. Pratap says that Radha can’t hide and ask her to come out. He hears her phone ringing sound. Mohan calls Radha but Kadambari takes the phone from him. She says that she know Gungun don’t want this marriage to happen but she is doing all this for Gungun’s sake only. She takes Mohan from there.

Radha calls Mohan and informs him that Vishwanath life in danger. She asks him to come to save her and Vishwanath from Pratap. But it’s turns out to be Tulsi’s spirit who picked the call. Pratap snatches the phone from Radha and throws it away. Radha kicks him and runs from there. Mohan returns to his room and takes his phone. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Radha’s life in danger and ask him to save Radha. She understands that Damini’s target is Radha.

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