Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th July 2022 Written Update: Sundari Dadi takes decision about Radha’s marriage


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan takes God’s idol from Rameshwar. He tells Radha that he will also see that how she leaves now. He takes Radha’s bag and goes inside. Sundari Dadi asks that how can Mohan behave like this. Kadambari tells her that Mohan wants Radha to not suffer. She says that if Radha went to village now then village people will insult Radha. She adds that Radha can live peacefully there. She pleads her to not take Radha from there. Sundari Dadi tells her that her heart says that something big going to happen so she won’t leave Radha alone. Kadambari asks her to stay with them for few days. Damini tells Kaveri that something big going to happen with Radha definitely. She goes to eat ice cream. Kaveri thinks that Damini become mad.

Sundari Dadi asks Radha that why the latter did not say anything when Mohan insulted her. Gungun comes there and says that Sundari Dadi is right. She says that Mohan is like this only. She adds that Mohan did wrong by talking rudely with Sundari Dadi. Radha tells her that the latter also badmouthing about Mohan. Sundari Dadi asks her to not interfere when two mature people were talking. Gungun praises Sundari Dadi. She asks her to not scold Radha because Radha did nothing wrong. She pleads her to not take Radha from there because Radha is her friend. Radha cries hearing her and hugs her.

Kaveri taunts Damini for eating ice cream without caring about anything. She wonders that what magic Radha did on Mohan. Damini tells her that she is glad that Mohan stopped Radha from leaving the house. Kaveri tells her that nothing good happened today. Damini tells her that everything going on according to Guru maa’s plan. Kaveri asks her about Guru maa’s plan. Damini tells her that today Radha’s game will be over and leaves from there.

Radha recalls that how Mohan defended her. Mohan comes there. She tells him that she was going to her house with her family. She reminds him that she is guest in his house and she has to leave one day. He tells her that he forgot that she is guest. He asks her that why she is crying. She tells him that she is angry at him for insulting Sundari Dadi. He asks her that if she forgot that what Sundari Dadi said. She tells him that Sundari Dadi has rights to scold her. She adds that he did wrong and leaves from there.

Mahapandit tells Vishwanath that the latter’s family build Radha Mohan temple and hired Rameshwar as Priest. He says that they are doing wrong by keeping Radha in the house for Mohan’s sake. He says that even Rameshwar forgot his principles. Kaveri understands that Damini is behind this. Mahapandit accuses everyone. Sundari Dadi says that Radha is pure. Mohan tries to defend but Kadambari stops him. Mahapandit says that now the temple will be handled by trust. And Rameshwar can’t be Priest of the temple. Radha cries hearing him. Mohan apologizes to Mahapandit. He says that he did mistake then he deserves punishment not Radha’s family. Sundari Dadi tells Mahapandit that she will get Radha married.

Episode ends.

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