Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th March 2023 Written Update: Police questions Trivedis


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Damini tells herself she has to kill the love, Mohan has for Radha. Tulsi wonders that what Damini is going to do now. Doctor treats Radha. Mohan asks Gungun to listen him. Gungun tells him that Radha gave mother love to her before becoming her mother. She says that Radha understands her problem just by seeing her problem. And she was happy she got mother finally but Mohan ruined everything. She tells him that she know he did not kill Tulsi but he is responsible for Radha’s condition. Ajeet informs Mohan that Radha’s condition worsening.

In the house, Ketki tells Vishwanath that Radha did not become fine still. Vishwanath says that he should inform Dadi and Rameshwar about Radha’s condition because they deserves to know. Rahul reminds him that Radha is dead for her family. He asks him to take rest in his room. Dulari takes Vishwanath from there. Ketki asks Rahul that if he think Damini is behind this. Rahul tells her that he is sure Damini is innocent. She tells him that Radha consumed poison but it will affect their family.

Doctor gives shock treatment to Radha. Tulsi asks God to save Radha. Nurse informs Trivedis that they saved Radha for now but Radha has to regain her consciousness within 24 hours.

Gungun prays to God for Radha’s life. Mohan and Kadambari sees that. Damini comes there and asks Kadambari that if the latter is also thinking she mixed poison in the kheer. Kadambari tells her that everyone will think like that only. She says that Damini love Mohan and to get him Damini can do anything. Damini promises on Mohan that she did not mix poison in the kheer. She accepts that she did wrong things to for Mohan but she can’t kill anyone. Kaveri asks Kadambari that how can the latter suspect Damini. She says that Radha claimed she found the cap of poison bottle inside the kitchen and she saw them outside the kitchen and it proves nothing.

Police comes there. Lady police inspector says that Doctor called her. She questions Trivedis. Gungun tells her that Damini mixed poison in the kheer to kill Radha. Kadambari tells Police inspector that Damini is innocent and it was an accident. Police inspector says that Damini has motive to kill Radha. Kadambari says that she made kheer and she brought the kheer from the kitchen.

Police inspector says that she has to arrest Kadambari. She orders constables to arrest Kadambari. Mohan tries to stop her. She asks him to prove his claims in the court. She talks about Tulsi’s death. He defends Kadambari. He tells her that they can’t arrest Kadambari without proof. She tells him that he must be Kadambari’s accomplice.

Police arrests Kadambari. Damini tells herself that drama part 2 beginned. She recalls that how she called the lady police inspector and gave statement against Kadambari. Police inspector reveals about secret call. She says that Trivedis did this to get rid of Radha. Damini, Kaveri and Gungun pleads Police inspector to leave Kadambari. Police takes Kadambari from there.

Episode ends.

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