Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Update: Mohan attempts to convince Gungun


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan  9th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan tells Police inspector about Gungun’s missing. Then he searches his daughter. On the other hand, Gungun refuses to leave with his uncle Roop. She says that even Mohan can’t force her to do something and runs from there. Roop chases her. Radha drags Gungun aside and asks that why Roop was chasing her. Gungun mockingly says that she was playing with Roop. Radha believes that and says that she assumed Roop as goon. She adds that she can play with her. Gungun tells her that Roop is her uncle and he tried to kidnap her. Radha asks her that what the latter doing alone. Gungun informs her that she left the house and she runs from there. Roop sees Gungun.

Radha takes Gungun from there and hides with her. She asks her to not make noise. Roop finds Radha and Gungun. Radha asks Roop to not touch Gungun. Roop tells her to leave from there because he wants Gungun only. Radha stammers in fear. Roop teases her. He brings a stick to beat her. Gungun throws coconuts at him. Radha and Gungun escapes from there. Gungun scolds Radha for stammering in front of Roop. Radha tells her that she will drop her at home. Gungun refuses to go home and asks her to not follow her and leaves from there.

Mohan tells himself that if anything happened to Gungun then he won’t forgive himself and he can’t live too. He is about to hit Gungun but Radha pushes Gungun to save her. Mohan stops the car and finds Radha laying under his car. He asks her that if she is fine. Gungun tells him that, that girl’s name is Radha. He calls Radha by her name and she opens her eyes. He checks if there is any fracture or not. She screams in pain so he asks her to stay silent. Gungun says that Radha flopped her plan. Radha cries saying that she is not able to move her leg. Mohan picks her and walks towards the car and she stares him ( Mann Mohanaa song plays in the background ). He puts Gungun in the car too and leaves from there.

Mohan enters the house with Radha which shocks everyone. Tulsi’s soul gets relieved seeing Gungun. Damini’s mother tells Damini that Mohan never touched the latter. Damini asks her to stay silent. Mohan says that Radha saved Gungun’s life. Doctor comes there. Mohan asks him to check Radha’s leg. Ketki’s husband praises Radha. Doctor examines Radha’s leg and says that Radha need to take rest.

Gungun says that because of Mohan, Roop tried to kidnap her and Radha helped her to escape from him. Mohan tells her that he want to talk to her alone. He says to her that he didn’t kill Tulsi. He asks her that what he should do so she can talk to him. She asks him to go to jail. He tells her that, that can’t happen because court released him. She tells him that she will try to leave the house again. He asks her that won’t she stay for Tulsi’s sake too. He tells her that this house have Tulsi’s memories. Tulsi’s soul and Radha hears everything. Radha thinks that Mohan loves Gungun so much and she has to make Gungun realise that to bring smile on Mohan’s face. Tulsi’s soul notices Radha.

Episode ends.

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