Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 9th February 2023 Written Update: Deepanshu refuses to act anymore


Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 9th February 2023 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Hansa calls Kinjal and Parul. She asks them why both of them keep taking Ravi’s name. Ravi hears it. Kinjal and Parul lie that they were talking about another Ravi from their college. They ask Hansa if she doesn’t find the pandit mysterious. Hansa agrees and says that the pandit is reminding her of Ravi. Next moment Hansa sees that the Pandit is missing. They become sure that the pandit was Ravi in disguise only. Hansa and Pratik get worried. They stand up and go to catch him.

Deepanshu tells Aditya that he is stressed out. Aditya asks him to keep sitting in the mandap till Ravi comes, then change sherwani and leave. Deepanshu says it’s not going to be easy for him. Harneet brings two guests there. They wish to click picture with the groom. Aditya asks them to wait for Kavya. They say that they have flight to catch. Harneet asks Ravi to remove the sehra. Deepanshu doesn’t act. Aditya tells her that Ravi wants to show his face to Kavya first. Harneet asks Ravi to still remove the sehra otherwise she will remove it.

Deepanshu starts coughing. The guests leave. Harneet asks Aditya to behave like Randhawas. Aditya says he is Dhilon not Randhawa. He asks Harneet to take pride of his father. Pratiksha collides with Ravi. Pratiksha thinks it’s Ravi. His false beard falls. Pratiksha turns him around but Ravi fixes it already. Pratiksha doesn’t recognise Ravi. Ravi leaves. Hansa and Pratik come there and ask Pratiksha if she saw Ravi. Pratiksha thinks that her doubt was right. She asks herself why Ravi wants to destroy her life, she wishes for Ravi to know the truth so that he won’t hate her this much.

She prays for no more problems to arise in her marriage. Jugni predicts that everything is destined, haters will turn lovers. Ravi goes to a room and meets the pandit who helped him to come inside the venue. The pandit is tied with a chair. Flashback shows that after coming inside Pandit questioned him about his intention. Ravi told him that he has come to stop the wedding. Pandit wanted to inform everyone about him so Ravi had to tie him with ropes and lock him inside. Flashback ends.

Ravi asks pandit to help him. Pandit refuses. Ravi tells Pandit about his and Keerti’s story and what Pratiksha did with Keerti. Pandit still doesn’t agree to help him and says that he is doing wrong. Ravi then offers him two lakh rupees. Pandit agrees to help him. Pratik and Hansa knock door and come inside. They ask pandit about Ravi. Pandit says that he is behind the curtains. Pratik, Hansa spot Ravi and toungelash him. Pratik says that Ravi has already wronged Pratiksha very much now he will not spare Ravi.

Pandit asks Pratik and Hansa to stop. He lies that the person behind curtain is his assistant. He has become old so went behind the curtain to change diapers. Hansa, Pratik get convinced. Ravi’s phone rings. He gets doubted for the filmy ringtone again. Pandit lies saying young children must have put the ringtone. Deepanshu gets back to back calls from his insecure girlfriend Aditi. He tells Aditya that he can’t continue this acting anymore and asks Aditya to call Ravi. Aditya gets worried. The episode ends.

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