Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 10th March 2023 Written Update: Pratik comforts Pratiksha


In today’s episode, Kinjal tells Pratiksha that she is not alone as they are with her and they are respectful people if not wealthy. She wishes to take Pratiksha to Randhawa house and confronts them. Pratiksha refuses saying none wants her there in Randhawa house including her husband Ravi. Parul agrees with her. Kinjal says that Pratiksha should have married Malhar not that Ravi. Hansa becomes happy. She wonders if Pratiksha is really a panauti who doesn’t have husband’s love in her fate. Kinjal says that she will take revenge against Randhawa family for making Pratiksha cry. Pratik comes home. He brings delicious foods.

Hansa asks him to bring a back shawl to hide their faces from humiliation. Pratik gets clueless. Hansa informs about Pratiksha’s insult to him. Pratiksha cries over her fate again. Parul, Kinjal cry holding her. Pratik gets shocked after knowing that Ravi has abondoned Pratiksha in the middle of the road. Pratik tells Hansa that he won’t spare Ravi and criticizes Hansa for not comforting Pratiksha. Mandeep gives hopes to Manvi. Ravi comes there. Mandeep sees his wound and goes to bring medicine.

Ravi enquires about Kavya. Manvi criticizes and accuses Ravi for giving pain to Kavya. Mandeep asks her to forget the past. Manvi says that she and Gulshan can’t do that. She says about how much Ravi matters to Kavya. She feels helpless. She says that Ravi doesn’t care for Kavya he only cares for his revenge. She questions Ravi for abondoning Kavya at the mandap. Ravi seeks time from Manvi saying he will fix everything. She says that Kavya told her if Ravi doesn’t marry her this time she will surely die. Mandeep says that they will consult with a good councellor for Kavya.

Manvi gets agitated saying Ravi needs councellor not her daughter. She leaves. Pratiksha cries. She removes her bangles and takes off her mangalsutra. Pratik tells her that she has no faults in whatever happened. He asks her to not worry as he is with her always. He asks Pratiksha what she wants to say. Pratiksha says that she can’t forget her humiliation, she calls herself unlucky. Pratik comforts her. He calls Ravi unlucky for not understanding Pratiksha.

He believes that Ravi will regret when he will learn the truth. He says that Ravi is not able to recognise the diamond he got. He calls Pratiksha lucky and compares her with goddess laxmi. Pratiksha does not agree as she lost her parents, her happiness everything. She blames Ravi for her misfortune. Parul, Kinjal ask Pratik to do something for Pratiksha. Hansa says that Pratik won’t do anything and asks Pratiksha to help herself.

Pratik warns her to not come in between him and his daughters or stop him from doing anything for them. He criticizes Hansa. He promises to stand by Pratiksha always. He says that Ravi has to accept her by hook or by crook. He asks Pratiksha to not feel weak and stay strong for him. He promises to take revenge against Ravi for giving tears to Pratiksha.

The episode ends.