Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story : A mysterious man brings the wooden box

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in
Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Chahat tells everyone that the envelope was kept in garbage which shocks them. Vyas ji questions who could have done this and mama ji says that Saraswati’s room was last time cleaned by Mami. Vyas ji turns towards her in anger but Mami says that she didn’t notice the envelope. He gets angry and says that she should have shown respect for Saraswati. She tries to explain herself but Vyas punishes her. Then they all go while Neel asks Chahat to leave him alone for sometime.

Mami eats in the room and says she won’t keep any fast and blames mama ji for opening his mouth in front of Vyas ji. He then asks Naveli to go and tie rakhi to Neel but Mami stops her and warns her that if she will tie rakhi then she will see her dead. Mami vows to take revenge for the insult. Neel gets emotional after receiving the rakhi and looks towards Saraswati’s photo and promises to keep her last rakhi safely always and take revenge for her death. He tries to wear the rakhi but is unable to do so.

Chahat hears Neel crying from outside and sees through the window and feels bad seeing him like this. She then tries to help him wear the rakhi by giving ideas how to wear it by self. Neel hears her and does as she says and she keeps on giving instructions. He sees her and then is able to tie the rakhi. Then they both see each other and Chahat goes, Neel feels happy. Chahat wonders how to make kanthi and while she is in garden she sees Mami on terrace. Mami asks her whether she made the kanthi and she says she is making.

Mami says that wild animals come form forest sometimes at night which scares Chahat. Neel comes to Mami and says that he has come to silent Golu. He asks Mami to sit with Golu while he will narrate a story. He starts speaking loud enough for Chahat to hear. She understands that he is trying to give her instructions and listen and collects things as per his story. She then assembles them as guided by Neel and makes the kanthi. Chahat goes to give this to Vyas ji and he asks her to keep this near Lord Ganesh’s statue.

Vyas ji asks Chahat to leave her guilt now and goes. Neel comes and Chahat requests him to keep the kanthi near Lord Ganesh as she didn’t want to disrespect his religion. They both thank one other for helping the other out. Neel goes to keep the kanthi and tells Chahat that he saw the rat running in kitchen which means it didn’t die. Chahat asks him why he didn’t tell Vyas ji and he says that he enjoyed seeing her being punished. She says he is very mean.

Chahat sees a mysterious man outside the house and goes to check but the man hides. She sees a box kept and recognizes the work done on it and thinks that Dr Baig has sent this to her. Mami sees the box and thinks it is her parcel and takes it from Chahat.

Chahat thinks that he must have sent her some message through the box and fears that Mami would see it. She goes to mami’s room and sees a jewel inside the box. Mami sees her and asks what she wants but Chahat says that she wants the box and nothing else. Mami mocks her and says that she won’t get anything from her. She keeps the box in her cupboard and locks it. The episode ends.