Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story : Neel and Chahat come close

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in
Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Neel is shocked thinking that Chahat has escaped while Mami creates a ruckus in the house. Mama asks what rubbish is she saying but she tells that Chahat is not in room and Neel is sleeping in terrace. She and mama ji go to terrace to ask Neel about Chahat when Chahat comes there. She tells Mami that she had gone to fill water and they slept here as Neel said that it is very comfortable to sleep in terrace. She teases Neel and he gives it back to her. Mami and mama go away.

Chahat feels something in pocket of Neel’s kurta and she thinks that it is paanmasala and decides to take his class. Mama ji gives Neel tips about married life while Mami gives him tea. But Chahat stops him and says he forgot a thing he needs for starting his days and hands him the packet. He sees that it is a condom and quickly hides it. She puts him in a fix by creating a curiosity in mama mami. Neel realizes that Chahat is thinking that the packet contains tobacco and saying nonsense.

Chahat tries to get the packet out of Neel’s pocket but it falls on mama ji’s kurta. Mami sees the packet of condom and gets shocked. Neel scolds Chahat for her stupidity. Mami scolds mama for carrying condom with him and throws it which falls in a bowl. Neel tells Chahat that the packet was of condom and she asks him what was that doing in his pocket. He tells her that someone put it in his pocket and they go down to find it.

Aalekh takes the bowl of grains with the packet and feeds the birds. Naveli sees him holding the packet and gets angry on him and doubts it. He throws the packet in anger and goes. Neel and Chahat come out searching for it nas Chahat spots it near Vyas ji’s leg who is busy in meditation. Neel goes to take it but he opens his eyes and Neel makes an excuse of taking blessings and takes the packet. He gives them blessings and asks them to get ready for family photo and asks Chahat to wear a saree.

Chahat looks for her brush in washroom and then sees Neel coming and using her brush for polishing his shoes. She then takes his brush and says that she will use it now but he asks her to leave his brush. He tries to snatch it from her but they fall and the brush goes in his mouth. He teases her but she makes her arrangement. Mami comes and brings saree and jewelries for Chahat. She tries to wear the saree but is unsuccessful and calls Naveli for help.

Chahat does makeup while waiting for Naveli but the kajal goes in her eyes and she is unable to open her eyes. Neel comes in the room. Chahat thinks it is Naveli and talks to him and asks him to help her out. Neel thinks of troubling her with the saree but she asks him to tie the hook of her blouse. Neel gets a bit shy and nervous while doing it. He is mesmerized by her beauty while he makes her wear the saree. Chahat still thinking that it is Naveli asks him about what happened with Saraswati that night but then she opens her eyes and sees it’s Neel and gets shocked. The episode ends