Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers : Chahat’s identity on stake

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in
Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Chahat wakes up and looks for the diary. She sees Neel sleeping on table and diary beside him and takes it. He says that he has got the information he wanted and shows her Ghazala’s number. He says that once he contacts her mom then he will get her dad but she snatches away the paper but he takes it back making her helpless. Mama ji calls them out and they go. Mama ji asks them to apply color to each other, Chahat gets uncomfortable thinking that in her religion touching color is considered bad. She puts some eatable powder on Neel and then troubles him by washing him with water.

Chahat plays smart and Neel finds out that the paper with number is wet and torn up. Mami ji shows Naveli some numbers and says one of this is Chahat’s mom’s number. She says that she clicked photo when Neel was sleeping. Chahat is passing by and Mami stops her and asks her to make swastik in front of God’s statue. Chahat hesitates a but agrees and is tensed that she might make mistake while making swastik. Naveli asks her to make and she gets confused while doing it. Neel notices them and is petrified seeing Chahat making swastik.

At that moment Vyas ji comes and makes a swastik at the other room behind Chahat and she sees him and copies the same and quickly makes it. Naveli goes, Neel sees the swastik and asks her how did she learn to make this so she replies that his dad helped her pointing towards the swastik on wall. While Mami tries on the numbers to find about Chahat’s mom. Her call connects to Ghazala’s number but the connection cuts before they can talk much.

Ghazala thinks that it was call from insurance company and decides to leave for Dev Prayag. Aalekh asks Mami the reason for her business on phone. Mami tells him that she has found out about Chahat’s mom and has called her here and that she might not be knowing about Chahat and Neel’s marriage. Neel drinks a spiked drink which is Aalekh’s plan to make him spill out the beans. Mama ji asks Vyas ji for permission for applying color to him. Then Neel plays dhol madly under the influence of drink.

Vyas ji gets angry on Neel and asks him to get down the roof. He shouts that he will tell them a truth about Chahat. Chahat gets scared while Neel jumps down the roof. He then takes colors and throws on Chahat. She asks him to keep quiet but he says that he forgot that she doesn’t apply colors. He tells this to everyone and is about to tell them her identity when is falls in a tub of water. Mama ji gets him out, Vyas ji asks Chahat to take him away.

Neel sits in the bathtub and sings loudly and Chahat tries to shut him up. He pulls her close and they share an eyelock. The episode ends.