Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist 14th July 2020

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Jeeju dreams that Neel and Vyas hi come to his room to confront him about Saraswati’s murder and take revenge. Neel is about to stab him when he wakes up. Neel wonders about Dr. Baig staying here meanwhile Chahat thinks of telling her dad and Mrs. Baig to go away from here. They both open the door at the same time and ask each other where are they going. Neel gives some excuse but Chahat is convinced that he is hiding something. She then acts being possessed again and shouts loudly to gather attention of his family members.

Vyas ji comes out and sees her like this. Jeeju asks Neel to go in, Neel tells them that she is acting to stop him from going out of his room. Vyas ji says that she wouldn’t do such thing in front of him, then Chahat acts turning back to normal and pleads for help then again she acts to be possessed. Vyas ji asks Neel to stop. Meanwhile Mrs. Baig wonders where Akram is and gets his call in which he says he is stuck due to landslide. Vyas ji confronts family members about not telling him about Chahat’s condition.

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Chahat decides to tell him the truth and says that she was acting. They all ask why did she do this drama. She tells them on video call that she didn’t want them to go out that’s why she did this drama. Vyas ji gets angry on Chahat for doing this drama and not telling him anything. She apologizes for what she did but Mami says that she will lock her inside for punishing her. She then rushes to Kajri ji and asks her whether Neel came here and asked about her dad.

Neel hears her and comes out of a room and confronts her about her intentions. She tries to tell him she didn’t mean any harm. But he goes and locks her inside. Chahat shouts asking to open but he doesn’t listen and asks Kajri ji for help. Mrs. Baig hears Neel’s voice and gets shocked, he tries to break the door but she escapes through the window. She calls him and asks not to do anything to her family but he says that her mom escaped. She says that her dad is innocent, he asks her why his mom escaped and his dad was scared.

Mama ji calls him to ask where is the basement, he tells him that they all can go out of the Bunglow now. Neel comes to Chahat and says that she will be his prisoner till he avenges his sister’s death. He pulls Chahat and she thanks Kajri ji for everything before going. Kajri ji feels bad for her and cries praying that Neel’s misunderstanding is cleared and Chahat can prove her dad innocent. The episode ends.

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