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Chahat goes to hospital thinking that Saraswati’s soul is not getting peace because her child is away from her family. She finds the child missing and asks nurse about it but she says that someone took the child. Chahat wonders who would have come as only she and her dad knew about the child and becomes happy thinking that maybe her dad came here. She sees a man going with the kid and calls him thinking it’s her dad. But it is Neel and he asks her whose child this is. He tells her that he knows this child is important for her and that she comes to see her hiding from everyone.

Neel says that he knows that she went to Dr. Baig’s hospital that night and shows her a visitors card which he found in her bag. He warns her to tell where her dad is else he will harm the child. She tells him that this is his neice. He thinks about his sister, but then doesn’t believe on Chahat. He hands her over the child and goes but she realizes that it is just bedsheet. She goes to find him  and he says that he has hidden the child.

Chahat promises him that she will try to find her dad with him and pleads for telling the location of the child. He gives her half the location and she rushes to find her. She goes to the river bank where she sees lots of baskets but not the baby. He asks her to check the baskets if she is so concerned about the baby. She looks in every basket while the pandits come to flow the baskets in river. They also flow the one with the baby and Neel gets shocked as he had kept that basket for the last. Chahat tries to jump in water to save her but Neel stops her and jumps in.

Neel manages to save the baby and when he comes out he sees a mark in her hand that is exactly lke the one Saraswati had. He realizes that it is really her daughter and regrets his act. Chahat takes the child and tells him that she came to take the child so that Saraswati’s soul gets peace. Neel breaks down, Chahat asks him to take her to the family but he denies saying that he doesn’t deserve it and asks her to take him. Chahat brings the baby to where the family members are waiting for the crows to eat the pind and everyone questions her who is the baby. Chahat tells them that it is Saraswati’s child.

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At first no one believes her and start blaming her for doing drama there but then Vyas ji sees the crows eating the pind and asks everyone to shut up. They all feel good that Saraswati’s soul finally got peace. Vyas ji sees the birth mark and says it is Saraswati’s daughter. Mami questions how Chahat found this child but Chahat says that Neel can answer this better. At home, Neel blames himself for putting his niece’s life at risk. Everyone comes with the baby. Chahat tells Neel that the baby is alive because of her dad and now he should believe that he is not the murderer and asks him to the everyone the truth.

Vyas ji questions that where was this baby till this time and where Neel found her. He tells that Dr. Baig saved the baby and hid the truth from them so that he can blackmail them but he had to escape leaving the baby behind. He says that he found the baby in hospital and gave it to Chahat. He then goes with Chahat to room and she lashes out at him asking why he lied. He pushes her and says that if the intentions were right then why she hid this from him. She says that she didn’t feel this place safe for the baby that’s why but Neel doesn’t believe whatever she says. She says that she will prove his dad’s innocence at any cost. The episode ends.

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