Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Story: Gazal will beg for Dua’s mercy!


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Zee TV’s popular show Rab Se Hai Dua stars Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore and Aditi Sharma in lead roles. The show revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider and Gazal. The concept is based on polygamy in Islam. Currently the show is gearing up for interesting twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Dua asserts that she is aware of Gazal’s plot because she employs numerous spies. She notifies Gazal that Qainat secretly overheard her conversation with Gulnaaz. Ravi arrives there. Gulnaaz faults Dua. Haider cautions her to monitor her language. Ruhan criticizes Gulnaaz for disbelieving Dua.

Hina informs Gulnaaz that Dua single-handedly prepared for the engagement and that she cannot do so. Hina is concerned that Iqbal is behind all of this. Through a phone call, Haider discovers that Iqbal is not behind all of these crimes. Hina feels ill. Noor is sent by Gulnaaz to Dua’s room with medication.

Noor shrieks from within Dua’s chamber. Noor displays an earring covered in blood to everyone. Ruhan examines it and determines that it is the same ornament he previously gave to Gazal. Gulnaaz asserts that Dua is the only one enemy of Gazal in the home. Haider defends Dua. Ruhan,

Hina get sceptical. Gazal informs Dua that she will provide evidence that Dua attempted to murder her and send Dua and Ravi to prison. Haider states that he will contact the police himself. Gazal informs Dua of her master strategy.

Dua demonstrates to Gazal a camera affixed to Ravi’s bike. She notifies Gazal that everything is currently being recorded. Gazal destroys a camera. Dua explains that the video was already downloaded to their phones via Bluetooth.

In the upcoming episode, Dua says that she will show the video to the whole family. Gazal begs for mercy. Dua says that she will spare her in one condition that is Gazal has to go away from Akhtar family and Haider forever. Gazal accepts Dua’s condition.

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