Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Story: Gazal will share her master plan with Dua!


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Zee TV’s popular show Rab Se Hai Dua stars Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore and Aditi Sharma in lead roles. The show revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider and Gazal. The concept is based on polygamy in Islam. Currently the show is gearing up for interesting twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Gazal tells Ruhaan that this engagement won’t take place. She shows a cut on her ring finger and explains that she sustained it. He asks Gazal if she does not wish to marry him.

Dua lashes out at Ruhaan for questioning Gazal’s affection for him. Gazal suspects that Dua is up to no good. Dua asserts that Gazal adores him excessively and requests confirmation by examining her ring finger. Dua removes the bandage and observes that her digit is not cut. Dua reveals the item to Ruhaan. To save herself, Gazal uses the occasion to cut her ring finger.

Ruhan asks Dua if they must annul the engagement because engagement rings are only worn on the ring finger. The hearts of Ruhaan and Gazal are already connected, according to Dua. Ruhan thanks Dua, whom he refers to as his closest friend. Noor notifies everyone that Dua and Gazal are not in their respective rooms.

Rahat instructs Haider and Ruhan to conduct a search of Dua and Gazal. They enter Gazal’s chamber and observe that the entire space is in disarray. Gazal communications Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz queries Gazal whether she abducted Dua. Gazal believes that she did not harm Dua.

Gulnaaz frames Dua by placing Gazal’s jewelry in Dua’s chamber. Gazal spots a car following her and attempts to flee. She is injured on the road. Dua exits the vehicle. Gazal is stunned. Dua compares Gazal to grit and states that she cannot be an Akhtar family daughter-in-law.

In the upcoming episode, Gazal informs Dua that it will be demonstrated that she attempted to murder her. She asserts that the authorities will arrest Ravi and Dua. She promises to support Haider during Dua’s absence and eventually marry him. Dua reveals to Gazal that she has recorded her confession.

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