Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Story: Ruhan and Gazal will get engaged!


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Zee TV’s popular show Rab Se Hai Dua stars Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore and Aditi Sharma in lead roles. The show revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider and Gazal. The concept is based on polygamy in Islam. Currently the show is gearing up for interesting twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Gulnaaz consoles Noor. Noor weeps and inquires whether God is penalising her. Ruhan asserts that Noor is only secure due to Dua. Gulnaaz is hostile towards Gazal. She regrets having supported Gazal’s proposal.

They begin to argue with one another. Dua criticises Gulnaaz for attempting to murder her. Gulnaaz is reminded by Dua that Karma is real. Dua cautions her that her cherished future daughter-in-law will irreparably harm her entire family. She asserts that Gulnaaz will be punished when Ruhan marries Gazal.

Gulnaaz gets angry at Gazal. Gazal deems it an accident. Gulnaaz claims she will expose Gazal and evict her from the residence. Gazal claims that Dua provokes her. Gulnaaz will not listen to anything. Gazal is to strike Gulnaaz in the temple with a flower vase.

Dua stops her by grabbing her wrist. Gulnaaz desires to tell Rahat everything and hopes he will absolve her. Rahat informs Hina that his marriage to Gulnaaz was an error. If she reveals the truth, she will be kicked out of the house,

Gazal warns her. She claims that Rahat will not spare Gulnaaz if he discovers her involvement in Dadi’s tragedy. Dua asks Gulnaaz not to leave but to tell Rahat the truth. Gulnaaz refuses to listen to Dua. Dua requests that they wait until the following morning and be prepared for a surprise.

In the upcoming episode, Dua convinces Hina for Ruhan and Gazal’s engagement. Gazal will get shocked.

Dua will tease her and asks her to wait for her charm.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Rab Se Hai Dua on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.