Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th July 2024 Written Update: Mannat finds out Subhan’s secret

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The episode starts with Ibadat asking Mannat whose baby coming? Mannat says that Ibadat and Subhan’s first night were over. She can expect a baby from them. Ibadat asks her who said this to her? Mannat says that Subhan uploaded the video in the family group. Everyone saw it. Ibadat is shocked to hear it. Mannat says that she was jealous to see it but it’s alright. Her sister is happy that’s enough to her. Ibadat excuses her. Kaynaat and Gulnaaz says that her plan is a flop. She couldn’t find anything from her. Mannat says that Ibadat didn’t went out due to shy! She is angry. Mannat says that she will find out the truth asap. Kaynaat and Gulnaaz leaves from there. Meanwhile, Ibadat confronts Subhan. She asks him how could he stoop low like this. She didn’t expected it from him. Mannat fixed a camera in a toy jeep and send to Subhan’s room. She thinks that it will help her to find out the truth.

Mannat is checking the camera. She is shocked to see Dua coming there. She didn’t notice it. She send the jeep inside the room. Ibadat scolds Subhan for taking everything as a joke. She complaints that he recorded their private video and sent to the family members to make Mannat jealous. He is taking advantage of her. She asks him why he is doing like this? She says that she is aware Subhan don’t love her. He hates her. He doesn’t like to share his life with her. But he can respect her feelings at least. He can give respect to her dignity. He is getting close with her to make Mannat feel jealous. She complaints that he is ruining her name in front of the family members. She asks him why he is doing like this? Subhan says that she was the reason for it all.

Subhan says that Ibadat and Mannat ruined his life. She lied to him. She made fun of his life. He admits that he took the video of her and posted it in the family group. He wanted to see Mannat feel jealous. Mannat is watching everything in her phone. Ibadat says that he isn’t giving respect to her feelings. Subhan says that she didn’t given the respect to his feelings. She lied to him about Mannat. If she informed him that Mannat is in relationship with Farhaan then he wouldn’t have proposed her. He would have stayed away from her. But she didn’t revealed the truth to him. She can see her sister is heartbroken. She can’t see his pain. He says that he will again repeat it. She might hear it. Mannat thinks that her doubt is right. He doesn’t like to spend time with Ibadat. He married to her for name sake. He is still loving Mannat. She will snatch Subhan from her like the way Gazal snatched Haider from Dua. Ibadat feels heartbroken. She asks him not to punish her for it. She thought to unite him with Mannat. She didn’t betrayed him. Subhan comes back. He asks her to get up. He consoles her. He apologized to her for his mistake. He proposed to her. Ibadat hugs him. She realises it’s her imagination. Subhan leaves from there in an anger.

Episode end

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