Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th March 2023 Written Update: Noor defends Dua


Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Noor asks Dua to meet Gulnaaz at her room. Dua asks her about the matter. Noor says that she is unaware and asks Dua to find it herself. Dua leaves the kitchen. Gazal, Gulnaaz come out. Gazal sends Gulnaaz to meet Dua and keep her engaged in talks. Dua spots Gulnaaz in the hall and asks her what’s the matter. Gulnaaz says that she was waiting for Dua only. Dua asks her why she is sweating. Gulnaaz asks Dua to not shoot so many questions. She asks Dua to go to kitchen and prepare potato fries along with Jalebis. Dua asks Gulnaaz is the matter even little serious that she summoned her urgently.

Gulnaaz asks her to not argue and go to the kitchen. Gazal comes to the hall. Dua notices that Gazal is also sweating badly like Gulnaaz. She gets doubtful. She goes to the kitchen. Gulnaaz signals Gazal to wipe her sweats. Gazal secretly wipes it. Dua prepares Jalebi. The ice cube that Gazal placed above the potato starts melting rapidly. Maulabi prepares the nikahnama for Gazal and Ruhan’s marriage. Gazal tells Gulnaaz that Dua’s end is not far. Maulana wishes to depart. Rahat, Hina request him to stay back at Akhtar house. Haider waits for jalebis. Ruhan pulls his legs saying that Haider just need a chance to taste jalebi.

The potato drops on the hot oil. Someone screams loudly. Everyone grows worried. Gazal, Gulnaaz give evil smile. Everyone goes to the kitchen and discovers that it is Noor who has burned her hand and was screaming loudly. Gulnaaz gets tensed. She put Noor’s hand in cold water. Dua tries to help Noor. Gulnaaz pushes Dua. She blames Dua for the mishap. Rahat questions her. Dua asks her to leave it as taking care of Noor is more important to her. Dua says that Noor was standing close to her, suddenly something heavy fell on the oil and the mishap took place. Noor cries in pain.

Dua comforts her and applies ointment on her hand. Gulnaaz again accuses Dua. Ruhan asks her to stop. Gulnaaz loses her calm and almost says that they tried to burn Dua not Noor. Gazal gets stunned. Noor recalls what happened. She says that it’s because of Dua her face didn’t get burned as Dua removed her on time. Rahat takes a stand for Dua and criticizes Gulnaaz for accusing her without knowing the truth. Dua looks at Gulnaaz and feels that there is something fishy which she is trying to conceal.

Haider finds the potato and asks from where it has come from. Dua spots a bangle. She recalls whatever she has felt earlier and tries to comprehend the situation. Dua suggests to apply ices on Noor’s burn. Haider grows concerns for Dua. Dua tells him that she is fine. Dua gets teary eyes thinking how low this Gazal and Gulnaaz can stoop. She plans to not spare any of the two. Rahat and Hina discuss about Noor. They praise Dua. Hina regrets thinking about her past deeds. Rahat asks her to forget the past. Haider hugs Dua. Dua suggests him to not worry. She says that she got saved today because of Noor. Haider wonders what Dua meant. The episode ends.

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