Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th March 2023 Written Update: Ruhan, Gazal’s engagement preparation


Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Gazal and Gulnaaz see that Akhtar family is activity busy in doing preparation for something. They come downstairs to check the matter. Hina calls Dua the best daughter in law. She asks Gulnaaz to check all arrangements as she is Ruhaan’s mother. Gazal asks her what’s happening.

Hina says that the marriage is after one week so as per Dua’s suggestion there will be engagement ceremony of Gazal and Ruhan today. Gazal gets speechless. Dadi looks at her and recalls what she did with her. Dua asks Gulnaaz if she did right. She goes to greet Ravi. Gulnaaz tells Gazal that Dua won’t stop until Gazal and Ruhan get married to each other.

Haider and Dua ask Ravi to stay at Akhtar house and help in marriage preparations. Gazal fears that Dua will use Ravi against her. Noor and Qainat ask Dua to not worry as they are ready to help her. Dua hugs them. Hina praises Dua and gives blessings to her. She kisses her forehead.

Rahat gives credit to Dua. Ruhan thanks Dua for everything. He hugs Dua. Dua thinks that she never wants Ruhan to marry a low life girl like Gazal. Gazal worries thinking about how Dua has changed the scenario of the house in the blink of an eye. Dua tells Gazal and Gulnaaz that today everyone is with her.

Dua hugs them and congratulates them for the marriage. Ruhaan asks Gazal why she is looking upset and asks her to smile. Dua asks her to smile for Ruhan. Gazal smiles halfheartedly. Ruhan holds Gazal’s hand and expresses his feelings for her.

Gazal leaves. Gulnaaz says that Gazal must be feeling shy. Dua brings Dadi at her room. She says that she is feeling bad for playing with everyone’s emotion but she has no other way to expose Gazal. She says that Ruhan, Rahat and Hina will be hurt when they will learn the truth. She feels helpless and sheds tears. Dadi puts her hand on Dua’s head.

Dua kisses her hand. She asks Dadi to pray for her. She asks if engagement can be broken. Dadi nods. Gazal says that she will become Haider’s bride only. Dua comes there and tells her that she has to marry Ruhan only. Gazal holds Dua’s hand and says that she is doing wrong and she has to pay the price for it.

Dua laughs. She gives outfit and jewleries to Gazal and asks her to get ready for the engagement. She mocks Gulnaaz and asks her to bring Gazal downstairs otherwise Ruhan will go crazy. She asks her to get ready and helps Gazal in getting ready. She gears up to leave the room. She gets a call.

Gulnaaz closes the door. Dua tells Ravi and Qainat that Gazal has lost her Sanity so she will definitely try to harm a family member now. Ravi says that he will keep an eye on the activities of Gazal and Gulnaaz. Dua asks Qainat to do the same.

Qainat agrees. Dua asks both of them to be careful as Gazal can harm them too. Gazal tells Gulnaaz that she will do something. Gulnaaz says that she won’t let this engagement happen no matter what. Gazal says that she has no interest in Ruhan as she wants her engagement ring from Haider’s hand only. The episode ends.

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