Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th February 2023 Written Update: Qainat supports Dua


Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Dadi looks at Dua and signals her to do something in order to stop Gulnaaz. She wonders what kind of mother Gulnaaz is. Dua wonders why Dadi looks so scared. She thinks that Gazal should be removed from there immediately. Dua pushes Gazal and asks her to get out. She removes Gulnaaz too. Dadi thinks that Dua is doing the right thing only. Hina criticizes Dua for her misbehaviour. Dua asks Dadi to take rest. Dadi looks relieved. Hina and others leave the room. Dua prays for Dadi’s speedy recovery and comes out of the room. Dua enters Gazal’s room and searches her belongings. Gazal, Gulnaaz come there.

Gazal asks Dua what she is trying to find. Dua says that she wants to know what Gazal is hiding. She asks if Gazal was trying to escape. Gazal acts clueless. Gulnaaz tells Dua that she is mistaken as Gazal was going to distribute her clothes. Dua asks Gulnaaz to stop lying. Dua tells Gazal that she can guess what happened to Dadi. Dua asks Gazal and Gulnaaz about their plan. She warns Gulnaaz that Gazal will destroy Ruhaan’s life. Gulnaaz asks Dua to stop troubling Gazal and leave from there. Dua says that if she gets to know that Gazal is behind Dadi’s accident she will send her in jail and she won’t spare Gulnaaz too for supporting Gazal. Dua leaves. Gazal says she wonders whose phone Dadi was using.

Gulnaaz says it was Noor’s phone. Gazal gets shocked and says that they have to find out the phone immediately. Qainat tells Dua that she has doubts on Gazal like her. She believes that Gazal is responsible for Dadi’s accident. Dua asks how she knows all these. Qainat says that she heard Gulnaaz and Noor’s conversation. She says that Gulnaaz was trying to brainwash Noor. Qainat tells Dua that there must be some evidence against Gazal in Noor’s phone. Dua recalls Ravi’s words and agrees with Qainat. They decide to search for the phone. Gazal, Gulnaaz get scared and plan to find out the phone first. Dua and Qainat search in every place. Dua spots Gazal and Gulnaaz. She asks Qainat to search in upstairs and prays God for help.

Gazal spots the phone in a staircase. She runs to pick it up before Qainat. She pushes Qainat and picks up the phone. Gulnaaz collides with Gazal and the phone drops onto Dua’s hand. Dua becomes happy and thanks God. Gazal and Gulnaaz try to snatch the phone from Dua’s hand. Haider comes there with Ruhaan and asks what’s happening. Gazal, Gulnaaz get tensed. Dua tells Haider that they want to inform something to him. Dua says that she had wrong perception about Gazal. Gazal wonders what Dua is upto. She says that she and Gazal have mutually decided to take care of Dadi so that she recovers soon.

Gazal agrees with Dua. Ruhan becomes happy with Dua and hugs her. Ruhan says that he always wanted Gazal and Dua’s friendship. Dua says that she can do anything for Ruhaan. Ruhan thanks Gazal for mingling with Dua for Dadi. Haider praises Dua. He says that he is thankful to have Dua in his life. He thanks Dua and kisses her forehead. They share a hug. Gazal feels jelous. Haider and Ruhan leave. Dua tells Gazal that she and Qainat will now expose her. Later, Gazal and Gulnaaz try to think how to get the phone back. Qainat asks Dua what Gazal wants. Dua thinks that she can’t share it with Qainat. Qainat asks why Gulnaaz is supporting Gazal. Dua says only the phone can answer that. The episode ends.

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