Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th March 2023 Written Update: Dua blackmails Gazal


Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Ravi checks his phone. He gets shocked after discovering that camera recording was not on so they could not record Gazal’s confession. Gazal tries to snatch the phone. Dua, Ravi push her. Ravi tells Dua that nothing is recorded. Dua gets stunned. Gazal gets hurt due to falling. Dua asks Ravi to do acting with her. She asks Ravi to get ready as she will expose Gazal today. Ravi agrees. Gazal requests Dua to not do this. Dua says that she will do it so that whole Akhtar family start hating their beloved Gazal. Gazal asks Dua to forgive her. Dua asks her to not act before her. Gazal begs for mercy.

Dua agrees but puts forth a condition i.e Gazal has to go far away from both Akhtar family and Haider’s life. Hina announces that she doesn’t want police intervention to avoid her family’s insult. She asks to not spread the news outside. Haider, Gulnaaz try to change her mind saying that the matter looks serious, needs police’s intervention. Haider scares Hina saying that both Gazal and Dua can be in grave danger. Dua says if Gazal doesn’t accept her condition she will show the video to Haider first who then will start hating Gazal. She asks Ravi to email the video to her and Qainat so that Gazal can’t get saved. Ravi acts accordingly.

Haider goes to call police. They hear Noor’s scream and discover Dua in the hall. Haider hugs Dua. Haider, Rahat and Hina question Dua about where she went. Gulnaaz asks them to enquire about Gazal too. Dua says that she knows about Gazal’s whereabouts. She goes outside and brings Gazal in holding her eyes. Gulnaaz questions Dua.

Hina, Ruhan ask Dua to leave Gazal’s ear. Haider asks Dua about Gazal’s fault. Dua says that Gazal didn’t want to get engaged so she tried to elope from home. Everyone gets shocked. Guests do gossip. Gulnaaz warns Dua to not defame her would be daughter in law. She says that Dua is falsely accusing Gazal to hide her own mistakes.

Rahat asks Gazal if Dua is telling the truth. Gazal recalls how Dua has blackmailed her showing the video. She remains silent. Gulnaaz secretly asks Gazal to speak up and blame Dua. Haider asks her if all these are truths, they never forced her, she could tell the wish to them beforehand etc. He criticizes her for bringing humiliation for Akhtar family. Hina questions Gazal and asks what was their fault. Haider looks at Ruhan. Dua says that Gazal tried to elope for a reason.

Dua says that today Gazal is alone, she has none’s support in her life today. She says that Gazal is helpless so she tried to reach her home. Everyone gets shocked. Gazal thinks that Dua has played her game well but she has to pay heavy price for playing the game in future. Dua says that Gazal was missing and crying for her parents. Hina hugs Gazal. Dua says that she spotted Gazal while eloping otherwise Gazal could die today. She hugs Hina and weeps. The episode ends.

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