Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th March 2023 Written Update: Ruhan refuses to get engaged


Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Dua informs her family that she and Ravi has saved Gazal from meeting with an accident today. Everyone gets shocked. Hina cries for Gazal. Gulnaaz wonders what Dua wants to do and why Gazal is silent. Dua says that she won’t let any harm to happen to any member of her family. Ravi and Qainat smiles. Gulnaaz wonders what these three are upto. Hina blesses Dua for bringing Gazal back home safely. Rahat also gives credit to Dua. Haider tells Dua that they all were very tensed. Dua asks him to forgive her.

Haider says that he can’t and questions Gazal or Dua for not informing anything to the family. Hina asks everyone to forget the incident and move on. She wishes to kickstart the engagement ceremony. Ruhan opposes her saying that Gazal has to answer few of his questions before everything. Dua suggests him to talk to Gazal alone. She asks guests to excuse them. Guests praise Dua for protecting her family’s pride always. Hina asks Ruhaan to question Gazal after the engagement. Ruhan denies. He says that he won’t get engaged to Gazal until she answers his questions.

Ruhan says he doubts that Gazal doesn’t love him and marrying him due to family pressure. Dua asks Ruhaan to not doubt Gazal’s love for him as she loves Ruhaan unconditionally. She says that Gazal is just having mixed emotions. Hina agrees with Dua. Ruhan says that Gazal has brought shame for him and his family by eloping from the engagement. Ruhaan asks Gazal if she is happy about the marriage or not. Rahat says all guests are waiting outside, they are running out of time. He orders Ruhan to stop his question answer session and come outside.

Haider says that Ruhan’s questions are valid and asks Gazal to answer them fast. Hina, Rahat also ask Gazal to speak up. Gazal recalls Dua’s warning and says that she doesn’t want to get engaged. Everyone gets shocked. Ruhan gets heartbroken. Dua asks him to handle himself. Hina cries and questions Gazal for breaking Ruhan’s heart in the blink of an eye. Gazal says that she wants to become Ruhan’s bride but not everyone in the family is happy about the alliance, some are upset. She looks at Dua.

Hina questions Dua. Ruhan warns Gazal to not accuse Dua. Gazal says it’s not Dua but Ruhan’s mother Gulnaaz. Hina is in disbelief. Everyone gets shocked. Gazal says that Gulnaaz doesn’t want her son to get married to an orphan girl, she thinks that Gazal is not worthy of Akhtar family. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to stop her dramma. Gazal says it’s Gulnaaz who does dramma not her.

Dua thinks it was important to expose Gulnaaz using Gazal. Gazal says that Gulnaaz just acts to be nice. She says that Gulnaaz use to torture her etc. She says that today Gulnaaz has crossed her limits as she asked Gazal to leave the house by giving swear of her dead parents. Gazal says that she tried to convince her a lot but Gulnaaz didn’t listen. According to Gazal, Gulnaaz wanted to put all blames on Dua so that Dua gets kicked out of the Akhtar house. The episode ends.

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