Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th January 2023 Written Update: Gazal determines to create rift in between Dua and Hina


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Episode starts with Haider getting angry with Dua for not waking up when Hina needed her. She tries to talk to him and explain her perspective but he pays no heed to her and goes out of the room. She runs behind him and request him to understand her situation. He looks at her and says that if Gazal haven’t came at the right time for Hina, then the latter must have gone through a lot. He proclaims that because of Dua’s mistake his mother had to bear the consequences. He then states that even Dua haven’t slept for 3-4 nights and that is why she must be deep asleep. He says that it was his mistake that he trustee her for his mother’s safety.

Here, Haider says that from now on Dua doesn’t need to look after Hina. The latter gets sad and request Haider not to do this to her. He goes away while Gazal and Gulnaaz sees their interaction and smirks upon witnessing their fight. Gulnaaz says that she haven’t ever seen them fighting, to which Gazal says that there is so much more to come.

Gazal proclaims to separate Haider and Dua as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Ruhaan confronts Dua and expresses his feelings for Gazal. He says that even he wants to get married so that someone will be there for him. He states that he also needs someone who can care for him, while Dua laughs hearing his words and assures to bring someone special for him. They plans about doing all a massive wedding.

Elsewhere, Dua sees Ruhaan’s diary and reads the shayaris. She then goes out while Ruhaan thinks about Gazal and smiles feeling his love for her. Meanwhile, Dua goes behind Haider and gives him the tiffin box. She ask him to eat his food on time and states that he must take care of himself. He gets pleased seeing her care for him.

Haider gets romantic with Dua and was about to kiss her, when Ruhaan comes there and closes his eyes. He ask them to finish their romance while they becomes shy and gets apart. Dua again runs behind Haider and gives him the lunch box. He notices the tyres of the car were flat and says that who will change it? Dua gets an idea and call someone to come for help.

Ahead, Raahat comes there and assures tk teach changing the tyres to his sons. Haider denies to take his help but Dua somehow convinces him. He immediately changes the tyre and spends sometime with his son. He becomes emotional as Haider shows his gratitude towards him. Meanwhile, Dua sends everyone off from there and then goes inside the house.

Gazal gets inside Dua’s room and sees Haider’s coat. She dances with it and recalls all her moments whole Dadi sees it and becomes suspicious. The latter tries to handle the situation by telling a lie but Dadi gets worried about Gazal’s interference in Dua and Haider’s life. Gazal goes away from there after taking the coat and starts stitching the buttons.

Further, Dua sees Gazal with Haider’s coat and snatches it from her. She lashes out at her and ask to stay away from her husband. She then apologises for reacting too loud. Meanwhile, Gazal cries in front of Hina and rhe latter scolds Dua for making the latter cry. Whereas, Gazal determines to create problema in between Hina and Dua. She determines to snatch Haider from Dua in order to fulfill her revenge. She proclaims that they have snatched everything from her and she will also do the same with them.

The episode ends.

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