Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th February 2023 Written Update: Gazal makes Dua feel helpless


Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Gazal informs Akhtar family that Dua threatened Dadi and forced her to put all blames on her. Haider questions Gazal for putting such big allegations on Dua. Gazal says that she is telling the truth only. She says that she saw everything with her own eyes. Dua goes to says something but Gazal asks her to stop. Gazal gears up to leave again. Ruhan tries to stop her. Hina asks her to stop for God’s sake. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to stop too. Ruhan asks her to convince Gazal. Dua calls Gazal a liar. Gazal says that she didn’t want to expose Dua but Dua forces her to that. They slam each other. Dua tells Hina to not believe Gazal as she is innocent. Gulnaaz says that she always doubted Dua and calls her inhuman. Gazal smirks.

Rahat calls Dua wrong. Gazal thinks in mind that soon whole Akhtar family will stand against Dua and Haider will leave Dua to be with her. Ruhan, Gulnaaz, Hina start criticizing Dua. Dua cries. Haider looks on. Later, Gulnaaz praises Gazal for her evil mind. Gazal says that she plans to change the scenario of the house. They go to give hifi to each other but Dua holds Gazal’s hand. She confronts Gazal. She blames Gazal for all the rifts in their house. Dua says that Gazal is mistaken big time as she won’t let her succeed in her plans. Gazal says that Dua can only talk but can’t do anything to stop her. Gulnaaz supports Gazal’s statement. Dua asks her to be careful as Gazal is no less than a clever wolf. Gazal asks Dua to concentrate on Haider as she will snatch him soon from her.

Dua asks Gazal whether she should call the family and asks Gazal to share her plans infront of them. She gears up to call Haider but Gazal stops her. Dua asks her if she is intimated by her. Gazal says that she only feels pity for Dua. She reminds her that there is none in the house currently who will believe her, they will make fun of Dua. She calls Dua a lone warrior with no support from anyone. Dua says that she must be alone but not helpless she still can speak the truth.

She says that the family should atleast be aware of the fact that Gazal wants to get Haider. She says that if Gazal tries to get Haider everyone will start believing in Dua’s words. Dua gears up to call Haider. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to stop Dua. Gazal asks Dua to go on but warns her that she will expose Hina and tell everyone that Hina killed her mother. Then everyone will hate Hina, Hina will not be able to take that and die. Dua asks Gazal to not do that. Gazal says that she can go to any extreme. Dua says that she will bring out the truth in front of everyone.

Haider asks which truth she is talking about. Gazal goes to reply him. Haider warns her to not interfere in between him and Dua. Haider asks Dua to accompany him for a discussion. Gulnaaz, Gazal get worried. Haider shows disappointment towards Dua for beating Gazal mercilessly. Dua says that Gazal is fooling everyone. She goes to inform about Gazal’s intention but recalls her threat regarding Hina. Dua cries and hugs Haider. Haider asks Dua why Gazal will go against their family. Dua says that Gazal has reasons. Dua feels helpless for not being able to tell the truth. Haider asks Dua to consider him as friend and inform everything. Dua goes to say something but they hear a sound and someone taking Ruhan’s name. The episode ends.

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