Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th February 2023 Written Update: Haider, Rahat’s emotional chat


Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Ruhan breaks stuffs in anger. Hina, Rahat try to calm him down. Ruhan says Gazal is leaving and he will die without her. He asks Hina, Rahat to leave him alone. He blames Dua for everything. He calls her a snake. Rahat asks him to watch his words. He reminds Rahat about his deeds and says that he is different from him. He asks him to go away. Rahat stumbles. Haider holds him. Haider questions Ruhaan. Ruhan says that he is in his senses and knows what he is saying. He asks Haider to handle Rahat. Haider slaps Ruhan. Haider asks Ruhan how dare he talk to Rahat like that.

Ruhan says that he didn’t say anything wrong. Haider defends Rahat. He says that Rahat gave Hina’s share of happiness to Gulnaaz what about that. He says that he, Qainat and Hina should be upset with Rahat not Ruhan or Gulnaaz. Ruhan claps and criticizes Haider for taking stand for Rahat all of a sudden. He says neither Rahat nor Haider cares for him. He claims that Haider loves Dua only not him. He says Haider doesn’t care for him as they are step brothers. Everyone gets shocked. Hina cries and questions Ruhaan for doubting Haider’s love for him. He starts criticizing Dua. He believes Haider did not stop Dua as he is Haider’s step brother only.

Haider reminds Ruhaan everything he did for him till date. He asks Ruhaan to be ashamed. Ruhan says that Haider and Dua might joined hands against Gazal. Haider claims that he always loved Ruhaan like his son, he hated Gulnaaz but loved Ruhaan. He says that first word Ruhaan spelled was Bhai/Brother. He reminds Ruhaan of their childhood memories, all the sacrifices he made for him. Haider leaves the room. Dua tries to go behind him. Hina calls Dua responsible for all these. She leaves. Dua calls Ruhaan wrong. Ruhan says that he doesn’t need Dua’s advice and asks him to leave the room. He pushed her out of his room.

Dua cries. Both Dua and Haider shed tears. Bheege Naina track plays in the background. Hina tells Dua that she deserves this treatment after spoiling everything. Dua gears up to go to Haider as he needs her. Hina says none needs Dua. Rahat comes to meet Haider. He says that he got his son Haider back today. He says that he is no more alone as Haider is there with him. They share a hug. Rahat says that he is aware of how much Haider cares for him.

Haider says that he will never allow Ruhaan to misbehave with anyone. Rahat tells Haider that he is with him. He asks Haider to come to him wherever he feels low as he can comfort Haider. Haider gets emotional and hugs him tightly. Hina tells Dua that Ruhan never misbehaved with Haider till date but today he did it because of Dua. Dua again tells Hina that Gazal is trying to take revenge against Akhtar family.

She proposes to reveal Hina’s secret infront of Haider. Hina says that Dua is trying to pull her down in everyone’s eyes. She asks Dua to fear the god atleast. Dua says that she only wants to save the house. She tries to convince Hina. Hina asks her to not say anything to anyone. Dua feels helpless. The episode ends.

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