Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Dua irks Haider


Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Hina orders Dua to apologise to Gazal. Haider questions Hina. Hina says it’s Dua who hurt Gazal so she has to apologise. She asks Haider to not defend Dua all the time. She asks to stop Gazal. Ruhan says that Hina is saying right, Dua should apologise. Hina again falls sick. Haider holds her. Qainat calls Dua innocent and Gazal at fault. Hina lashes out at her and asks if she doesn’t care for her mother. Hina again orders Dua to apologise to Gazal. Dua unwillingly folds her hands before Gazal. Gazal holds her hands. Gazal acts nice and says that she can’t see Dua like this. As Dua has accepted her mistake she is ready to forget everything and forgive her. She hugs Dua and congratulates her for the defeat.

Hina says that she is thankful to God as Gazal has changed her mind and hugs her. Gulnaaz says that Gazal should get married to Ruhaan soon so that none get a chance to harrase her. Hina says that Gazal will get same status like Dua. She proposes that Ruhan and Gazal get married as soon as possible. Gulnaaz becomes happy and hugs Hina, Gazal and Ruhan. She again acknowledges Gazal’s sharp mind. Gazal praises and thanks her for her assistance. Gazal asks Dua if she won’t congratulate her friend. She calls Dua her best friend and urges her to forget everything. She hugs Dua and says that soon she will get Haider by using Ruhan. Gulnaaz thanks Gazal for staying back for Ruhan. Gulnaaz says that she can do anything for Ruhan’s happiness.

Dua wonders how can Gulnaaz do this with her own son. She wipes her tears. Haider notices it. Hina prays for Gazal and Ruhan’s togetherness. Gazal says that she will never upset Hina as a daughter in law. She promises to bring a lot of happiness in the house. Hina gives her blessings. Gazal thinks that Dua is right she will destroy the family. Hina asks Haider to forget everything and hug Ruhan. Haider, Ruhaan share a hug. Later at night, Haider asks Dua to stop her battle. He reminds her how Dadi and Dua are suffering because of this. He says that things are only getting worse due to whatever Dua is trying to do. Dua says it will get worst if she doesn’t do anything. Haider says that he is going far from Dua.

Dua says that she can’t run away from her responsibilities. She says that she just wants to protect her family from evil Gazal. Haider asks Dua to not raise fingers at Gazal anymore. Dua says that she will stand by the truth. Haider says that he doesn’t care about the truth which creates rift in his family. He asks Dua to promise that she won’t interfere in Ruhan and Gazal’s wedding. Dua says that she can’t do this. Haider says that Dua has no proof against Gazal yet. Dua asks Haider to decide whether she sees Gazal destroying her family or she take action to stop her. Dua says that she can’t let Gazal snatch their happiness and destroy their family. Dua, Haider try to convince each other but in vain. Haider gets irked and goes to sleep. Gazal hears everything and feels happy. The episode ends.

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