Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Update: Dua determines to expose Gazal


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Episode starts with the police getting inside Akhtars house in order to arrest Ruhaan. Dua talks to him and ask him to tell the truth. She brings him down, while the police starts interrogating him. They ask if he had a fight with Altaf and tried to kill him? Hina and other family members gets worried for Ruhaan and ask him to deny all the allegations. Gulnaaz ask the inspector to leave and says that her son haven’t done anything. Haider looks at his brother and sees the fighting marks on his knuckles. He ask Ruhaan to tell the truth and assures that they all are with him.

Here, Ruhaan confesses that he had a fight with Altaf. He accepts the charges upon him and insists his family to save him. He says that he don’t want to go to the jail and request Haider to do something. The police interferes and starts dragging him towards the door. They says that they won’t listen to anyone and proclaims that they have to arrest Ruhaan. Gulnaaz gets shocked and tries to stop them.

Dua also gets tensed for Ruhaan and request Haider to do something. Dadi and Hina gets shocked by Ruhaan’s confession and the latter scolds him for his deeds. Haider insists the inspector to let him talk to his senior while the latter agrees. He calls the senior officer and tells about the matter. The senior replies that they can’t do anything as the FIR had been lodged

Elsewhere, Gazal smirks enjoying the drama and shows her concern towards Hina. Haider then request the inspector to give some time to them, while the finally agrees stating that he respects Haider and so is ready to wait for sometimes. Meanwhile, Dua rushes out of the house and determines to save Ruhaan.

Gazal sees Dua and thinks that she is going to meet Altaf in order to make him take his complaint back. She smirks stating that he will never do it after facing so much of allegations. Whereas, Dua meets Altaf and sees his condition. She apologises to him on behalf of Ruhaan and makes a request to him.

Ahead, Altaf stops Dua from apologising and says that she isn’t at fault. He states that he won’t take back the complaint and shows how brutally Ruhaan beated him. He says that he will make Ruhaan pay for his deeds. Dua gets worried and says that she will do anything to make him forgive Ruhaan. She begs to him while he stops her and tells how she helped him in his studies.

Altaf says that Dua have done a lot for him and he can never forgive about it. But, proclaims that he can’t forget what all Gazal and Ruhaan has done to him. He reminds how Dua’s family mistreated him and because of them he have to face so much of difficulty. Meanwhile, the inspector was about to take Ruhaan to jail, when Dua comes there and makes Altaf take back his FIR. she recalls how she assured Altaf that Gazal, Ruhaan and Haider will apology to him.

Further, Dua assured Altaf that she will expose Gazal in front of everyone while he shows his support towards her. Meanwhile, the inspector goes away from there and everyone praises Dua for saving their reputation. Raahat slaps Ruhaan for his mistake while Haider gives support to his father. Hina blames Dua for everything while Gazal smirks and decides to use it against Dua. Whereas, Dadi scolds Hina and ask Dua to reveal the truth. Dua recalls Gazal’s words and determines to make her pay for her deeds.

The episode ends.

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