Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th March 2023 Written Update: Ruhan’s request to Gazal


Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Ruhan asks Gazal what she is hiding from him. Gazal says that she went to Haider’s room to talk to Dua infront of Haider. She says as Dua was not there and Haider was sleeping she tried to leave secretly. She says that she didn’t want Dua to spot her and attack her. Ruhan asks her to stop and says Dua can’t stoop this low. He says good night to Gazal and tries to leaves. Gazal stops him and asks if he doesn’t trust her. She asks him why he safeguarded her earlier. Ruhan calls it her responsibilities. Gazal asks if Ruhaan trust her or Dua. He says it’s not Dua otherwise he would never agree to marry Gazal and Dua is against the marriage.

Ruhan says that he trusts Gazal and respects Haider and Dua’s relation. He says that today he saved her as he didn’t want Gazal to feel ashamed infront of Dua. He learned from Haider how to protect his lover. He thinks that Dua has just changed. Gazal thanks God for getting saved again. Ruhan suggests that like Haider and Dua, they should also never lie to each other. He requests her to not lie to him ever as he can tolorate anything but lie. Ruhan informs Gazal that tomorrow their marriage date will get fixed. He says goodnight and leaves. Gazal plans to do something which will shake Ruhan.

Dua comes to her room. She wonders why Gazal did this. She wonders if she was mistaken. Dua kisses Haider and says that he is both her strength and weakness. Haider asks her to fall asleep. Dua finds a jhumka and doubts Gazal. Dua asks Haider to wake up and if anyone came there before her. Haider tells Dua that only she was hugging him. Dua understands everything and sobs silently. She recalls Gazal’s threats. Dua decides to not spare Gazal for touching Haider. Gazal recalls the moments she spent with Haider and blushes. She hopes to get Haider forever. She says that she won’t forget the night ever.

Gulnaaz comes to her room. She says that Gazal is hiding something from her. She pulls Gazal’s legs taking Haider’s name. She questions her for taking too much risk. She asks Gazal to wait for the marriage atleast. Gazal says that she can’t stop herself from getting closer to Haider. She says it’s normal when you are madly in love with someone. She says that she is not scared and asks Gulnaaz to not be afraid too. She hugs Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz wishes good luck to Gazal.

Gulnaaz sees that Gazal’s one earring is missing and asks her about it. Gazal searches for it. She remembers that she left the jhumka on Dua’s bed. She worries what will happen if Dua finds the jhumka. Gulnaaz says Dua can’t prove anything with one jhumka. Gazal refuses to consider Dua a weak competitor. She tells Gulnaaz about Ruhan. She gears up to remove the jhumka. Gulnaaz tries to stop her. Gazal pushes her and goes out of her room. She searches for her jhumka. The episode ends.

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