Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th March 2023 Written Update: Gazal, Gulnaaz devise a plan


In today’s episode, Dua asks Mumtaz what happened to her. Mumtaz indicates towards outside. Dua goes to check outside. Gazal hides herself behind a bim. Dua fails to spot her. She tells Mumtaz that there is nothing outside. She takes Gazal and Gulnaaz’s name. Gazal thinks that she has to do something. They all hear Hina’s scream all of a sudden. Dua gears up to check. Mumtaz asks her to listen to her first. Dua doesn’t listen and goes to check. Mumtaz follows Dua. Gazal wonders how to stop her. Everyone learns that Hina tripped and fell on the floor. She screams in pain.

Haider checks her foot and informs the doctor. Rahat asks how did Hina fall. Gulnaaz shows him the broken pieces of the flower vase and says Mumtaz is responsible for Hina’s pain. Noor supports Gulnaaz. Haider asks Mumtaz if it’s true. Flashback shows that Gulnaaz poured water around the broken pieces to stop Mumtaz from exposing her and Gazal. At present, Gulnaaz toungelashes Mumtaz. Mumtaz says that Gulnaaz is lying and trying to frame her.

Ruhaan asks her to watch her words. He recalls that he saw it with his own eyes when Mumtaz broke the flower vase. He also holds Mumtaz responsible for Hina’s accident. Mumtaz says that she was looking for Dua in hurry in order to give her an important news. Dua asks her the matter. Mumtaz takes Gazal and Gulnaaz’s name. Ruhan complains that because of Dua everyone got a chance to raise fingers at Gazal or Gulnaaz. Haider lashes out at Mumtaz for causing Hina’s accident. Dua understands everything but feels helpless. Haider says that he can’t ignore Mumtaz’s mistake today.

Dua asks her to apologise to Hina. Haider says no need as Mumtaz won’t be staying at their house anymore. He asks her to leave. Mumtaz cries. Gazal, Gulnaaz become happy. Dua takes a stand for Mumtaz and asks him to be little considerate. Haider sticks to his decision. Ravi brings doctor. Mumtaz asks Dua to listen to her information first as it’s more important. Hina is taken to her room. Haider asks Dua to stay with Hina. Dua obeys him. Gazal, Gulnaaz mock Mumtaz and asks her to leave the house immediately. Mumtaz says that she won’t leave until she passes the important information to Dua.

Doctor says that there is nothing to worry. Gazal, Gulnaaz try to brainwash Mumtaz but in vain. Mumtaz grows determined to expose both Gazal and Gulnaaz infront of Dua as she is trustworthy, can’t cheat the Akhtar family. She adds that she is not afraid of death. She messages her family so that if anything happens to her they can blame Gazal and Gulnaaz. She believes that the two can’t escape from the clutches of the police. She asks both to go away.

Gazal, Gulnaaz get scared and go away from there. Gazal sees Mumtaz’s bag. Shd gets an idea and shares it with Gulnaaz. They steal few expensive items from the house to frame Mumtaz. They hurt Dadi in the process. Doctor prescribes pain killer for Hina. Gazal, Gulnaaz hide the items inside Mumtaz’s bag. Later they drag her in the kitchen. Gazal pours chilli powder in Mumtaz mouth. She tries to stop her mouth and supress her voice using an kitchen utensil.

The episode ends.