Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th March 2023 Written Update: Mumtaz leaves Akhtar house


In today’s episode, Hina tells Doctor that she is having acute pain. Dua recalls Mumtaz’s words and plans to approach her. Haider asks Dua to stay close to Hina in order to give her medicine time to time. Dua agrees. Mumtaz releases herself. Gazal clicks her video. Mumtaz toungelashes both. Gazal, Gulnaaz laugh. Gazal says that now video will prove that Mumtaz took poison so she died. Gulnaaz shows her poison bottle. Mumtaz gets scared and asks both to spare her. Gulnaaz says that Mumtaz only forced them to take this step. Mumtaz tries to vomit. Gazal says that her death is not far.

Mumtaz feels apprehensive. Gulnaaz says that they can spare her if Mumtaz doesn’t reveal anything to Dua. Mumtaz agrees. Gazal goes to do preparations for the next part of their plan. Gazal hurts Dadi’s wound, it starts bleeding more. Gazal calls everyone there. Gulnaaz gives the poison bottle to Mumtaz and suggests her to buy it’s antidote from the market fast. Everyone sees Dadi’s wound. Gazal says that the person must be heartless who hurted Dadi. Haider sees that Dadi’s gold chain is missing and questions about it. Flashback shows that Gazal has removed the chain and gave Dadi the wound. Mumtaz tries to leave in hurry.

Gulnaaz stops her and tries to search her bag. Ruhan joins her too. Mumtaz’s bag falls on the floor. Everyone gets shocked seeing that expensive items of their house are coming out of her bag. Gulnaaz calls her a theif. Mumtaz swears her children and says that she is innocent. She says it’s a ploy of both Gazal and Gulnaaz. Gazal, Gulnaaz toungelash her. Dua asks Mumtaz what she wanted to share earlier. Mumtaz asks her to leave it. She says that she needs medicine immediately otherwise she will die. Doctor checks Mumtaz and says that she didn’t consume any poison. Mumtaz says that Gulnaaz and Gazal made her consume poison forcefully.

Gulnaaz and Ruhan call her a liar. Gazal brings the jug from where Mumtaz consumed the poison according to her claim to understand if she is lying or not. Hina tries to go out as she hear Gazal’s scream. She feels that Dua must be after Gazal again. Qainat questions her for going against Dua for Gazal. Hina calls Dua wrong. Qainat says that Dua is right according to her and asks Hina to not go anywhere. Gazal consumes juice from the same jug and says that she is fine. She says that Mumtaz is lying. Mumtaz says that both Gazal and Gulnaaz are trying to destroy the Akhtar family.

Dua asks her stop and says that she had disappointed her big time. Dua asks Mumtaz to leave the house and never come back again. Mumtaz feels bad. Dua asks her to go away from there. Mumtaz leaves. Dua sheds tears. Gazal, Gulnaaz mock Mumtaz on her way. Mumtaz ignores them and leaves. Gulnaaz looks worried. Gazal tells her that now Mumtaz will never reveal their secret to Dua. Dua discuss about Mumtaz with Ravi. Dua asks Ravi to find out the truth and what Mumtaz tried to convey her. Ruhan criticizes Dua infront of Noor. Haider comes there and hears everything.

The episode ends.