Rajjo 10th February 2023 Written Update: Pushkar confronts Rajjo


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The episode starts with Rajjo pretending to faint to prevent Arjun from seeing Manorama. Arjun takes Rajjo to her room. Manorama thinks of exposing Pushkar alone. Arjun makes Rajjo lay on the bed and he cares for her. Rajjo tries to send Arjun downstairs pretexting the puja so that Manorama can come to her. But Arjun refuses to leave Rajjo when she’s not well. Rajjo assures Arjun to call him if she needs anything. She asks him to pray to God for Manorama and their relationship.

Arjun agrees and is about to leave. But he stops and says to Rajjo that the doctor said that she’s absolutely fine. He doubts that she’s hiding something from him. He admits doing wrong with her and is ready to get punished for that. He does sit-ups. Rajjo stops him. Arjun asks where Rajjo, who used to argue with him, is. He asks Rajjo what happened, what she’s hiding from him. He says that she hasn’t demand to find her mom ever since she returned. He says that he sent a letter to someone in the village asking him to find Manorama. He says that she used to create a scene to find her mom, but what happened now. He urges Rajjo to tell him if she’s hiding something from him. Rajjo says nothing like that. She asks him to go downstairs else Madhu will get angrier at her. Rajjo assures him to call him if she needs anything. Arjun warns Rajjo not to get out of bed, else he will become the worst. Rajjo says that that’s wrong, he is the best. Arjun kisses Rajjo’s forehead and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Manorama is about to get ready to act as a spirit. Pushkar arrives there. He hits Manorama’s head from behind. Manorama faints. He laughs and mocks Manorama. He says that he can’t beat him. Puskar pulls the carpet into which he hid Manorama. He hides when he sees Rajjo coming by that side looking for Manorama. Rajjo wonders where Manorama has gone, whether she is getting ready in someone else’s room. She goes to check. 

Pushkar is unable to take Manorama outside as Arjun and the workers are decorating the entrance of the house. So he hides Manorama under the mandap set for the puja. Pratap and Jhilmil see Puskar and ask why he is doing the work of the workers. Pushkar says a lie. He stops when Pratap wants to help him. He manages to send them away. Pushkar says that Manorama won’t be able to escape from the fire of havan kund  and no one will know that she is here. He says that after the puja, he will throw her into the ravine along with the woods. 

Manorama finds Pushkar smiling and asks him what happened. Pushkar thanks her for arranging the puja and especially for setting up the stage. They start to cough when the priest lights the havan kund. Meanwhile, Rajjo finds Manorama’s clothes in a room and wonders if something happened to Manorama. She says that these clothes won’t be there if that’s the case. Rajjo wonders whether someone caught Manorama. She wonders what to do. She decides to disguise herself as Manorama’s spirit. 

Rajjo appears in front of Pushkar for a while and walks away. Pushkar wonders who it’s as he has hidden Manorama under the stage. Pushkar goes after Rajjo. Pushkar asks Rajjo who she is. He says that she can’t be Manorama as he took Manorama to Magarthal to kill her. Rajjo laughs. Pushkar holds Rajjo and says that he realized that she wasn’t in the puja and understood that she was Rajjo. Rajjo asks Pushkar if he took Manorama to Magarthal to kill her. Pushkar says that he already once tried to kill her by hitting her with his car, but she got saved. Rajjo is shocked to hear this and asks Pushkar what his enmity with her mom. Pushkar says that Manorama is his life’s nightmare and he threw her out of the academy by defaming her to get rid of her. Yet she returned after 20 years along with her Rajjo. Pushkar refuses to let Rajjo and Manorama ruin his life. He says that he has already made arrangements to get rid of Manorama, now it’s her turn. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Rajjo asks Pushkar about Manorama’s whereabouts. Kalindi warns Rajjo for misbehaving with her dad. Rajjo reveals that Pushkar is also her dad. Jhilmil and Kalindi say that Rajjo became insane. Arjun asks Rajjo why Manorama didn’t tell them about it before.

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