Rajjo 17th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun argues with Madhu for Rajjo


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The episode starts with Madhu and Urvashi entering Arjun’s room and finding him caring for Rajjo. They get furious and are about to confront him. Just then, Chirag brings the doctor there. The doctor treats Rajjo. Madhu stops Urvashi from speaking to Arjun and asks her to trust her. Urvashi nods yes. On the other hand, Pushkar takes Manorama to a dark corner. He holds her cheek tightly and asks how mother and daughter dared to come to Lucknow to find him. He accuses Manorama of trapping Arjun using Rajjo after learning about his relationship with him. He says that she did the same with him years before. He badmouths Manorama and Rajjo’s characters.

Here, the doctor does Rajjo’s wound’s stitches. He says that there are chances that the wound could be infected. So she needs to be under observation for 48 hours. He says that he will send the medicine through the driver and leaves with Chirag. Madhu and Urvashi are shocked when Arjun sits near Rajjo’s feet and cleans them. Madhu stops Arjun and says that she can’t tolerate Arjun cleaning Rajjo’s feet. Arjun says that he is tolerating with difficulty what has happened to Rajjo.

There, Pushkar asks Manorama how much money she wants. Manorama lashes out at Pushkar. She prohibits him from calling her daughter’s name. She says that Rajjo is only her daughter and he doesn’t exist for her. She further says that Rajjo came here looking for her. She says that as she found her daughter, she will leave, taking Rajjo along with her. She adds that they don’t need Pushkar and vowed to never see him the day when he threw her out of the sports academy. Manorama is about to leave. Pushkar merges to the wall holding by her neck.

Madhu urges Arjun to immediately shift Rajjo to any government hospital or hotel. Arjun reminds her that the doctor said that Rajjo’s life is in danger for the next 48 hours. He shows his handkerchief soaked with Rajjo’s blood and asks her to have mercy. He pleads with Madhu to let Rajjo stay in their house. Madhu refuses, stating that this house and anything in this house don’t belong to her. Madhu leaves. Arjun goes after Madhu.

Pushkar leaves Manorama’s neck and says that after seeing Rajjo, Manorama can change her decision and accuse him along with her daughter. Manorama denies this and insults him. Arjun argues with Madhu and refuses to expel Rajjo from the house. Madhu asks why. Arjun explains the circumstances in which he saved Rajjo. He says that even the Goddess won’t be happy with her act. There, Manorama assures Pushkar to leave, silently taking Rajjo with her. Pushkar refuses to believe her. He asks her to follow his instructions else he will expose the truth that Manorama is hiding in front of Rajjo. He says that he will break their mother and daughter’s bonding. He boasts about being best at breaking relations.

Manorama begs Pushkar to keep Rajjo out of this. He covers her head and orders her to keep her head covered and follow his instructions like a slave. Manorama agrees without any option. Here Arjun requests Madhu to let Rajjo in the house. He says that he will die if anything happens to Rajjo. Madhu gets angry and says not to use these words for Rajjo. Urvashi says that Arjun is thinking from his heart and he should think from his mind. He should think about what society will say and should obey Madhu. Madhu asks Arjun to throw Rajjo out of the house. Arjun reminds her that Rajjo isn’t well. He says that he can’t see people suffering and will help them without seeing their cast and religion.

Madhu says that people like Rajjo used to clean their feet, but Arjun was cleaning her feet. He scolds him for that. Arjun says that he only sees humans and not their status. He firmly says that Rajjo will stay in this house till she gets well. Madhu agrees if Arjun is ready to break his promise to her because of that girl. She says that but Rajjo shouldn’t stay in Arjun’s room. She will decide where to keep her. Arjun agrees but says that she shouldn’t have any discomfort. Madhu decides to shift Rajjo to the storeroom.

Pushkar tells the family that Rajjo’s mom has been found. Arjun and Madhu ask where she’s. Meanwhile, the servants shift Rajjo to the storeroom. Rajjo says mom in the unconscious condition. Here Pushkar asks Manorama to come out. Manorama comes in front of them. Manorama sees Arjun and remembers seeing him in a running race competition in their village. Arjun feels grateful that Rajjo’s mom has been found. Kalindi says that she is mom’s staff. Pushkar says that she’s Rajjo’s mom, Manorama.

Precap: Arjun says to Rajjo that her mom has been found. Rajjo runs behind the car in which Manorama is traveling. She jumps and gets behind the car and calls out mom. Manorama sees Rajjo. They share an emotional hug. Rajjo asks Pushkar to help her and mom to find a job in Lucknow. Manorama tells Arjun that Rajjo is going to the village as her marriage is fixed with Vicky. Madhu closes the door at Rajjo’s face.

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