Rajjo 19th September 2022 Written Update: Pushkar’s plan fails


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The episode starts with Pushkar telling Arjun and the family that Rajjo’s mom has been found. He says that while Arjun is helping Rajjo, Kavita is helping her mother. Kavita says that she found Manorama injured on the road, so she took her home and gave her work. Pushkar says that God wants them to unite the mother and daughter duo. He boasts about finding Manorama. He praises Arjun for helping Rajjo. He says that they don’t need to worry about Rajjo anymore as Manorama is found.

Arjun says to Rajjo how much Rajjo missed her mother and is worried about her. Arjun compares Manorama to his mother, which angers Madhu. Arjun takes Manorama to meet Rajjo, but Pushkar stops them, saying that Rajjo is injured. Manorama asks Arjun what happened to Rajjo. Arjun says that she’s injured, but assures her that she’s fine. Arjun wants to unite Manorama with Rajjo as she needs her mother more now.

Pratap agrees with Arjun. But Pushkar says that Rajjo is already in shock because of her injury and she won’t be able to bear another shock. Arjun argues, stating that it will be a pleasant surprise for Rajjo. Pushkar says that Rajjo won’t be able to bear any happiness or sorrow in her condition and it could worsen her condition. He tries to convince Arjun to let Manorama meet Rajjo after a day. Arjun agrees when his family agrees with Pushkar. Pushkar forces Manorama to agree to it. Arjun promises Manorama to always be with Rajjo and protect her. He asks her to trust him.

Manorama thinks that she can only trust Arjun as no one is trustworthy here. Pushkar says to Manorama that he will pick up Rajjo once she gains consciousness and then he will handle both mother and daughter. Arjun requests Manorama to give him the scarf so that Rajjo feels her mom’s presence with her. Manorama agrees and hands the scarf to him. Manorama promises to come back to Rajjo once she gets well.

Swarna tells Arjun that Rajjo was shifted from his room. Arjun asks where. Bunty and Kavita go to find their car driver. Pushkar gets angry at Manorama for trying to oppose his decision in front of Arjun and his family. He threatens her to make Rajjo disappear. He says that she won’t get his money or place in his house. He says that Rajjo’s condition is the same at Thakur’s house. He says that he will send her and her daughter to the village and warns her to never return here.

Meanwhile, Rajjo gains consciousness, calling out to his mom. She looks around and wonders where she is. Madhu is angry with Pushkar because of his decision. She regrets accepting it. Urvashi agrees with Madhu. She doubts her decision to agree to marry Arjun and wants to cancel it. But Madhu firmly says that Urvashi will be her daughter-in-law. She distributes the prasad to the family members and hopes that Rajjo will also leave the house soon.

Arjun catches Rajjo from falling down. He apologizes to Rajjo for leaving Rajjo alone in the hostel and says that he wouldn’t have done it if he was aware that she would be in danger there. Rajjo says that she knows this as she has blind faith in him. Arjun hands Rajjo her mom’s scarf and apologizes in mind to Rahjo for hiding from her about her mom. Outside the house, Pushkar scolds Kavita. He then scolds his driver over the phone. Here Rajjo gets pricked by a broken bangle piece which is stuck in the scarf. She recognized it as her mom’s bangle that she bought for her. She gives Arjun her swear and asks if her mom has come.

Arjun says that her mom has been found. Rajjo asks where she’s. Arjun says downstairs. Rajjo runs to find her mom. Arjun runs after Rajjo. There Manorama, Pushkar and his family sit in the car. The car doesn’t get started. Kavita says that it may be a sign that they have to let Manorama and Rajjo meet. He scolds Kavita and asks her to keep her mouth shut. The car leaves Thakur’s house. Rajjo sees Manorama sitting in the car. She runs after the car, calling out to her mom.

Arjun runs after Rajjo. Rajjo jumps and gets into the backside of the car. Manorama notices Rajjo and asks the driver to stop the car. Manorama and Rajjo reunite. They share an emotional hug. Arjun looks at them smiling while Pushkar glares looking at them. Rajjo says how she tried to find her everywhere. They have an emotional conversation about how they struggled to find each other. Rajjo says that Arjun saved her and united her with him. Manorama folds her hands and thanks Arjun. Arjun says that he is happy that they are united as Rajjo won’t cry hereafter.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo asks Pushkar to help her to get her and her mom a job in Lucknow. Manorama says that Rajjo has to return to the village as her wedding is fixed with Vicky. Madhu shuts the door at Rajjo’s face, preventing Arjun and Rajjo from meeting.

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