Rajjo 20th September 2022 Written Update: Rajjo decides to settle in Lucknow


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The episode starts with Madhu not finding Rajjo and Arjun in the storeroom and wondering where they have gone. Meanwhile, Puskar says that as the mother and the daughter duo reunited, he will make arrangements to send them back to the village. Manorama refuses Pushar’s help and says that she will go by herself. Rajjo also agrees with Manorama. To Pushkar’s shock, Arjun stops Rajjo from leaving, stating her health condition.

There, Madhu tells Jhilmil that Arjun has changed ever since Rajjo entered this house. He started to raise his voice in front of her and to lie to his family and Urvashi. She says that she’s scared of getting taunted if people learn that Arjun shared his room with a young girl. She wonders where Arjun and Rajjo went. Here, Rajjo feels dizzy. Rajjo says that she’s fine. Arjun scolds Rajjo for not taking care of herself and wants to take her to the hospital.

Pushkar says that he will take her to the doctor on the way. But Arjun firmly says that Rajjo isn’t leaving. He asks Manorama to make Rajo understand that it’s risky for her life to leave in this condition. He says that he can’t tolerate that her life is in peril. He takes Rajjo and Manorama back home while Pushkar fumes in a rage.

Kalindi tells Madhu that Arjun has returned home with Rajjo and Manorama. Madhu goes to the storeroom and finds Arjun with Rajjo and his mother. Arjun notices Madhu. Arjun tries to talk to Madhu, but she angrily walks away. Manorama says to Arjun that his family’s anger is right is their place, so she decides to go back to the village the next day with Rajjo. She expresses her gratitude to Arjun and touches Arjun’s feet.

Arjun says that mom shouldn’t touch the sons’ feet, but should touch their heads to bless them. He assures Manorama that everything will be fine. Rajjo trusts Arjun’s words. Arjun comes to the kitchen and finds Madhu angrily grinding masalas. Arjun says to Madhu that they will talk the next morning. He leaves.

Urvashi and her mom talk about Arjun helping Rajjo. Urvashi says that she doesn’t want to lose Arjun by doubting him, so she’s quiet and requests her mom not to make a big issue of it. She further says that Arjun always helped people, but she never saw him getting restless for any girl and wonders how to save her love and the future of their relationship.

Manorama says to Rajjo not to run again as it all happened because of her participation in the running race in the village. Rajjo shows Manorama her medal. Manorama turns her face to the other side. Rajjo says to Manorama that she won’t question her about the medal. She says that she showed this medal to Pushkar and maybe that’s why he was able to find her fast. She asks Manorama to tell the medal story when she feels the right time. She says that they have found each other by running, so it’s good to run. Manorama says to let run towards their village. She gets ready to leave, taking Rajjo. But Rajjo stops Manorama. She says that she thought something else the whole night. She says that she wants to go out of Arjun’s universe, but not back to the village.

Urvashi sees Arjun taking juice for Rajjo and confronts him about caring for Rajjo. Arjun assures Urvashi that he will send Rajjo back once she gets well. Urvashi says that she’s not sure about it and reminds Arjun that he brought back Rajjo to his life when she went out of his life. She asks him to feel her pain and stop what he’s doing now. Arjun clarifies that he is getting the juice for mom. Urvashi thinks that Arjun is talking about Manorama and taunts Arjun.

Rajjo tries to make Manorama understand that their village was ruined in the flood and they can’t survive by going back there. She tries to convince Manorama to stay in Lucknow. Rajjo says that she wants to run and win a medal like Manorama and earn money. She says that Arjun and Pushkar will help them. Manorama silents Rajjo and firmly says that they’re going back to the village. But Rajjo stays firm in her decision.

The episode ends.

Precap: Manorama tells Arjun that Rajjo has to go back to the village as her marriage is fixed with Vicky. Arjun is shocked and asks Rajjo about this. Arjun runs to meet Rajjo. Madhu closes the door at Rajjo’s face, preventing them from meeting.

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