Rajjo 21st November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo warns Arjun 


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The episode starts with Rajjo asking Kalindi to tell the truth about Urvashi. Kalindi recalls a FB. Urvashi threatens Kalindi to expose her secret affair with Rocky to the family as she teamed up with Rajjo. Kalindi begs Urvashi not to expose her secret and agrees to do whatever she says. Urvashi asks Kalindi to replace her name on the fixed deposit papers with Rajjo’s name. FB ends. Chirag asks Kalindi why she is silent. Rajjo says that Kalindi knows that Urvashi’s name was written on those papers and asks why she’s not telling the truth. Kalindi shouts shut up.

Kalindi takes Urvashi’s side and accuses Rajjo of theft. She says that she helped Rajjo as she begged her to help her to keep those papers safe. So she kept those papers in the locker without seeing them. She says that she committed the same mistake that Arjun had committed. Arjun asks Rajjo whose name she’s going to use now. Rajjo wipes her tears and asks Rajjo to take her to the police. Chirag agrees to call the police as Arjun refuses to listen to Rajjo. Madhu objects to calling the police. Pratap agrees with Madhu. Rajjo asks then how the truth will come out. Arjun says hell with the truth. Arjun rebukes Rajjo. He asks Rajjo whether Manorama is also involved in her kidnapping along with her boyfriend Vicky.

Rajjo warns Arjun not to speak badly about her mom. Arjun continues to speak ill of his mother, which angers Rajjo. The latter grabs Arjun by his collar and says that her mom is better than his mom and asks how he dared to speak badly about her. Arjun pushes her away. Chirag asks Arjun to behave himself. Arjun says that Rajjo lied that her mom was in a coma and she was doing the job of distributing newspapers and milk for her treatment. He says that Urvashi showed him the truth. He says that he saw her mom buying jewellery.

Rajjo says that her mom is in a coma and asks Arjun to get his eyes treated. Arjun says that Rajjo is lying and says that Urvashi showed him Rajjo and her mom’s truth. Arjun thanks Urvashi for the same. Rajjo says that Urvashi tricked Arjun and created an illusion which he believed as truth. She asks Arjun if he is ready to see the truth now. 

Kalindi is lamenting about how to get rid of Urvashi. She turns to leave and is shocked to find Chirag in front of her. Urvashi is scared of getting exposed if Arjun goes to the hospital. She tries to contact Pushkar to seek his help, but she’s not able to reach him. Arjun and Rajjo are on the way. Arjun prevents Rajjo from calling Nagu kaka. He takes her phone as he thinks that she will alert him about their arrival and create a drama that Manorama is in a coma. Chirag asks Kalindi why she seems tensed. Kalindi reacts angrily and walks away.

Here, Arjun asks what if she fails to prove her so-called truth. Rajjo says that even Arjun didn’t say what he will do if Urvashi’s truth turns to be a lie. Arjun is annoyed about spending his petrol and goes to see Manorama, who isn’t in the hospital, but in some house. Rajjo says that it’s not a house, but a physiotherapy center where a new treatment being started for her mom. They make her sit in the open air. Arjun says that a coma patient can’t be left in open air. Rajjo says that Arjun isn’t a doctor who can know about every treatment. She says that there’s a new doctor and he must be taken there to treat her.

Just then, Nagu kaka calls Rajjo and says that Manorama isn’t in the hospital and adds that she has been taken to the physiotherapy center. Rajjo gets worried about Manorama and asks Arjun to go there. Arjun and Rajjo reach the place. Arjun sees that there is a NGO and thinks that it’s Rajjo’s plan. He shows to Rajjo Manorama who is plucking flowers. Rajjo is overjoyed to see her mom well. She says that her mom came out of the coma. She runs to Manorama and hugs her. Arjun says that Rajjo started a new drama. Arjun receives a call. He says that no one is in a coma. He goes apart to talk. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Rajjo is shocked when Manorama doesn’t recognize her. Arjun is determined to publish Rajjo. 

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