Rajjo 21st September 2022 Written Update: A shocker for Arjun


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The episode starts with Pushkar arriving at the Thakurs’ house to take Rajjo and Manorama back to the village. Rajjo asks Pushkar to help her and her mom to find a job here as she wants to settle here. Pushkar urges Rajjo to go back to the village. Rajjo refuses and says that she has decided to settle in Lucknow. She says that her village was destroyed in the flood and she won’t get any job here. Pushkar states that she’s uneducated, so she won’t get any work in Lucknow.

Rajjo says that she has the determination to work and expresses her wish to be financially independent. Manorama scolds Rajjo for requesting Pushkar and tries to convince her to return to the village. But Rajjo stays firm in her decision. Pushkar tries to scare Rajjo by saying that the weather in Lucknow is too hot and she can’t tolerate it. Rajjo says that she can tolerate it as her skin is as thick as his skin is. She asks him to find a job for her. Arjun assures Rajjo to find a job for her, but asks her to recover from her injury first. Arjun’s grandfather agrees with Arjun.

Manorama and Rajjo argue about settling in Lucknow. Manorama says that she has a reason to refuse her to do something. Rajjo angrily reacts and says that she never told her that reason. She says that it’s fine if she doesn’t want to tell her the story about the medal, but she can’t deny that she loves running, else she would have thrown the medal long back. Rajjo says to Manorama to not give any excuses to change her mind as it won’t happen.

Madhu confronts Arjun about agreeing to help Rajjo to find a job. Chirag supports Arjun. Kalindi taunts Chirag. The family gets shocked when Arjun decides to let Rajjo and Manorama stay in the out house once Rajjo starts to earn money. Madhu firmly says that they won’t stay in their out house. Urvashi says that she’s staying in the out house till their wedding and asks where she will live then. Arjun says that Urvashi can stay in their house.

Arjun argues with his family. He reminds the family that Madhu taught him to be compassionate and helpful to others, like Lord Ram, but his family is against him when he is trying to do the same. Madhu badmouths lower-class people and says that they won’t value his generosity and will deceive him in return. Later, Rajjo is elated when Arjun tells that he got a job for Rajjo and her mom at his friend’s house. Rajjo says that she doesn’t want to work as labor for her whole life. She says that she wants to do something big and make everyone, including Arjun, feel proud of her.

Arjun says that the most important thing is going on the right path and he has complete faith that Rajjo will choose the right path. Manorama rejects Arjun’s job offer. Rajjo asks the reason for her refusal. Madhu and Urvashi arrive there and watch this. Just then, Nanku uncle and his grandson,Vicky, who are from Rajjo’s village, arrive there. Rajjo is happy to meet them. Manorama introduces Vicky to Arjun and says that they have come to take them back. Arjun says that Rajjo wants to work in Lucknow. Rajjo also refuses to return to the village. Manorama says that Rajjo has to return to the village as her wedding is fixed with Vicky.

Arjun and Rajjo are shocked to hear this. Madhu says that Rajjo got her lost mother and new in-laws after getting Arjun’s help. Arjun asks Rajjo’s her opinion about her mom’s decision. Madhu intervenes and says that Arjun shouldn’t interfere in Rajjo’s family matters. She asks Arjun to leave them alone to talk. Madhu and Urvashi leave. They are relieved that Rajjo is going to leave their house and Arjun’s life. Madhu assures Urvashi that she will be Arjun’s wife.

Arjun gets angry when Vicky comments about Rajjo’s T-shirt being too tight. He takes Vicky from there so that Rajjo can talk with Manorama. He is sure that Rajjo is against her marriage and hopes that Rajjo will raise her voice even against her mom if it’s needed. Rajjo refuses to marry Vicky. Meanwhile, Arjun doubts Vicky’s intention to marry Rajjo. He receives a call and goes aside to talk. There, Rajjo argues with her mom, refusing to marry anyone. She asks why she’s in a hurry to get her married. Manorama recalls Pushkar’s threat and firmly says to Rajjo that she has to marry Vicky.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo says to Madhu that she will pray for them, especially for Arjun whenever she prays to God. Rajjo leaves the house with Manorama. Rajjo stands at the doorstep and looks at Arjun. Arjun runs to Rajjo. Madhu closes the door at Rajjo’s face.

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