Rajjo 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Arjun makes Rajjo sign the divorce paper


Rajjo 23rd November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rajjo leaving taking her mom’s medal. Arjun arrives there. Rajjo collides with Arjun’s chest and is about to fall back. Arjun holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Ishq di baajiyaan. Rajjo begins to leave. Arjun pulls her holding the medal. Rajjo says to Arjun that she will answer his questions later, but now. Arjun says now. He says that Rajjo always asked him to trust her. He says that he wants to know how much she trusts him. He asks her to sign some papers without questioning. Arjun taunts Rajjo and assures her that he isn’t snatching anything from her.

Rajjo signs the papers, placing the paper against his chest and looking into Arjun’s eyes. Rajjo says that she doesn’t have anything special that he could snatch from her. Arjun says that she had a thing which she snatched from him, but he got it back. Arjun says that her sign gave him freedom by releasing him from this fraudulent wedding. He says that these are the papers to cancel their fake marriage. He says that it’s written that Rajjo cunningly forced him to keep the wedding against his will. He says that he was feeling suffocated, but thankfully, now he can get rid of her and move on in his life by marrying Urvashi. Rajjo becomes teary eyes.

Rajjo says that she proved that she trusts him by signing the papers, but he proved by his actions that he will always choose wrong over right. She asks Arjun to move on in his life by marrying whoever he wants. She says that she put all her effort into telling him the truth, but he prefers to be on the side of lie. She says that if it’s his fate, she can’t change it. She also decides to move on in her life and moves away from him. She says that Arjun is going to be ruined by marrying Urvashi. Rajjo is about to leave. Arjun reminds Rajjo that she said that she would listen to whatever he would say and asked him to gain consciousness when he was lying unconscious in the hospital. He admits gaining consciousness for a while and hearing her. Rajjo asks what he wants.

Arjun asks Rajjo to stay some days in the mansion and leave after seeing him marrying Urvashi. Arjun asks Rajjo not to cry. He asks her to smile and  prepare Urvashi for the wedding rituals. He mocks Rajjo, asking her to do a naagin dance in his wedding procession. Arjun pins Rajjo to the wall and urges her to agree. Rajjo wipes her tears and says that she doesn’t care whom he will marry. She asks Arjun to let her go to her mom, who needs her. Arjun refuses to let her go till she says yes. He says that her mom, whom she said is in a coma, is fit and fine. Rajjo says that her mom lost her memory. She forgot her too. She should go to her and to talk to her to bring her memory back.

Arjun tightly holds Rajjo and says that she is lying. He says that Rajjo should stay in the mansion till he marries Urvashi. She gave her words to listen to whatever he would say. He says that she keeps her word and that’s the only quality that he saw her. Rajjo says that she wants to go to her mom and nothing else matters. Arjun says that she can’t escape this time. 

Arjun forcibly drags Rajjo in front of the family. Arjun asks Madhu to organise his wedding with Urvashi. Thakurs say that it’s not possible otherwise they would have thrown Rajjo out of the house long back. Arjun says that he defeated Rajjo in her own game and got Rajjo’s sign on the divorce papers. He says that he is free to marry Urvashi.

Urvashi hugs Arjun. Thakurs are elated to hear this. Madhu says that, thankfully, Arjun and Urvashi finally got rid of Rajjo. Madhu asks Arjun to throw Rajjo out of the house. Urvashi wants to kick Rajjo out of the house. Chirag defends Rajjo and argues. Urvashi says that Arjun will throw Rajjo out of the house. Rajjo says that Arjun won’t do it. Arjun confirms the same, shocking the Thakurs. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Arjun breaks a flower vase. Rajjo says that Arjun broke her heart into pieces like he broke the vase. She tried hard to make him understand, but he didn’t understand. She says that Arjun deserves a partner like Urvashi. Chirag asks if she’s not affected by Urvashi and Arjun’s wedding. Rajjo says no. Chirag gives her Arjun’s swear. Arjun asks Chirag why he is on Rajjo’s team. Chirag says that one day Arjun will also say that he and Rajjo are in the same team and he is right. 

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