Rajjo 24th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun rescues Rajjo and Manorama


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The episode starts with Pratap gifting flowers to Madhu and convincing her. He praises her for keeping the family united and happy. Meanwhile, Rajjo asks Vicky why he wants to marry her when there are beautiful girls in the city. Vicky makes a comment about Rajjo’s beauty. Rajjo makes a disgusting face after hearing him. Nanku scolds Vicky for making such comments. Vicky says that he works in transport with truck drivers, so he doesn’t have a habit of using respectful words. Rajjo asks Vicky if he will let her work after the wedding. Vicky says that Rajjo is going to do all his household. He laughs and says that he is joking. He plays loud music.

Rajjo receives Arjun’s call. Rajjo smiles. Vicky is surprised to see Rajjo has a smartphone. He asks Rajjo to show him. Rajjo refuses and asks him to reduce the music volume as she has to talk on the phone. Rajjo receives the call. They jerk due to Vicky’s reckless driving and the drops. Rajjo and Manorama scold Vicky and ask him to drive the car safely. Arjun hears this. Rajjo picks up the phone. Arjun and Rajjo don’t hear each other’s voices due to the loud music. Arjun says that Vicky is intentionally playing loud music so that they don’t talk. The call gets disconnected. Rajjo won

At the Thakurs, Pushkar says to Madhu that they finally got rid of Madhu and Rajjo. Madhu says to forget about them. Pushkar enquires Rocky about his work. Rocky says that he has to set up his new business in Lucknow. So he will often visit Lucknow. He offers to help Rocky if he needs anything. Kalindi says in place of Rocky that he needs help. Pushkar gifts new watches from London for everyone. Madhu taunts Kavita about the cheap quality of sweets sent by her brother. Kalindi answers Madhu back in support of Kavita. Pushkar is happy to get rid of Rajjo and Manorama and thinks that no one here will worry about getting updates about them.

Vicky accelerates the car. He tries to avoid a collision with the truck and stops the car at the edge of the hills. Rajjo, Manorama and Nanku are scared and shout for help. Arjun arrives there. He rescues them. Vicky himself comes out of the car. Arjun scolds Vicky for putting all their lives in danger by driving the car fast. The car is about to fall down. Arjun and Rajjo save the car from falling down by pushing it back.

Rajjo asks Arjun how he knows that they’re here. Just then, Arjun notices an alcohol bottle in Vicky’s pocket. He confronts Vicky for driving the car in intoxicated conditions. He wants to call the police to get Vicky arrested. Vicky goes to Rajjo and says that she will understand by smelling it. He says that this is their village’s famous herbal tea used for throat problems. Rajjo confirms the same. Arjun says to Manorama not to leave and assures them to find a nice place for them to stay. He says to Rajjo that he won’t abandon her. He asks them to come with him. Manorama says that Rajjo won’t go with Arjun. She says that Arjun is always behind them.

Rajjo asks why she’s talking like that. Manorama shuts her up. She draws a line between Arjun and Rajjo. Manorama says that this line will always stay between them. It can’t be removed and those who tried have been removed. She says that Arjun is an honest and generous person, but society isn’t like him and it discriminates between the poor and rich. Arjun says that he just wants to be on Rajjo’s side to help her. Manorama says that they both can never be together. She says that there can’t be any more relationship between employer and employee than boss and worker.

Manorama says to Arjun that he did a lot of help for Rajjo, but it’s enough now. Rajjo says to Manorama that she doesn’t like the way she talks with Arjun. Manorama says that Arjun is going to settle down in his universe and Rajjo should also settle down in her universe by marrying Vicky.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun assures Urvashi that hereafter he only thinks only about them. Vicky says to Rajjo that Manorama and his dad were talking about Rajjo sharing Arjun’s room. He says that Arjun wouldn’t have helped her for free, he would have asked her for something. Rajjo becomes angry and warns Vicky about speaking against Arjun.

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