Rajjo 26th January 2023 Written Update: Arjun and Rajjo decide to have a fresh start


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The episode starts with Arjun saying to Rajjo that he did everything out of love for her. Rajjo says that he was ready to hurt himself to save her. Rajjo says that she can’t live, not even for a day without him. She asks Arjun why he is still silent. Arjun says that he doesn’t want to lose her. Rajjo says that she already told him that she has no fear about it, then why he brings up the same topic again and again. They argue. Arjun says that he is like this and asks if she can accept him like that. Rajjo asks Arjun to say whatever he wants directly, as she’s from the village and can’t understand his indirect speech. On the other hand, Manorama worries why Rajjo hasn’t come downstairs yet. Madhu is worried whether Rajjo and Arjun will grow closer. Arjun grabs Rajjo’s shoulder and pulls her closer to him. He mistakenly tears her dress’s sleeve. Rajjo goes near the door and covers her shoulder with the screen. Arjun asks Rajjo if she wants to continue their relationship despite whatever happens. Rajjo says that he knew the answer. Arjun asks Rajjo to think and answer. He says that he doesn’t know if his family will accept her after what all happened. He says that he doesn’t know about their future, but the fact that they’re opposite to each other. He says that he also loves his family and can’t hurt them. So he wants to know what she wants. Rajjo asks with whom he was on call when she arrived. She urges Arjun to answer. Arjun lies that he was talking with a factory worker. He asks Rajjo to answer his question. Rajjo says that maybe there’s hope. Arjun asks if she wants to trouble him by giving such an answer. Rajjo says that she learned this from him. Rajjo is about to leave, but stops as her dress’ sleeve is torn. Arjun asks Rajjo if she will go on a date with him. Rajjo doesn’t understand. Arjun gets annoyed, but he finds Rajjo cute. He explains to her what the date is. He says that they should have a fresh start, so they should sit and talk and understand each other. Rajjo says that they have to do something before making a new start. She asks him to wait outside his mom’s room. She will join him. Arjun leaves. Rajjo finds Arjun’s phone on the bed. She picks it up and notices Niharika’s name on the last dialed number list. She wonders why Arjun lied to her again and thinks of asking him on their date.

Arjun and Rajjo declare to the family that they have decided to stay together and give their relationship another chance. Chirag and Kalindi are happy to hear this. Manorama asks Rajjo if she really wants this. Arjun promises Manorama to never leave Rajjo’s side and to ensure that he does everything for her wellness. Pratap says that Rajjo is their house’s daughter hereafter. Arjun wishes that Manorama also stays with them in that house. Pratap agrees to it. Rajjo is happy that she can take care of her mom and her in-laws together. But Madhu isn’t happy. But she pretends to be happy and moves towards Rajjo to hug her. But Arjun stands between Rajjo and Madhu. He warns Madhu that he won’t forgive her and won’t hesitate to punish her if she tries to plot against Rajjo again. He is about to leave. Rajjo says to Arjun that he can’t forget his promise to her. Arjun says to Madhu he forgives her wrongdoings towards Rajjo, but she has to promise that this will never happen again. Madhu hugs Arjun crying and assures that will never happen again. She thanks Arjun for forgiving her. Pratap asks Madhu to thank Rajjo as she convinced Arjun to forgive her. Rajjo says that she didn’t do anything. Chirag says to Madhu that Rajjo is pure hearted, so she united Madhu and Arjun despite what happened. Rajjo says that a mom and a son can’t stay away from each other. Madhu thanks Rajjo for uniting her with Arjun. She apologizes to Rajjo for what she did to her. She assures Rajjo to become her mother. She hugs Rajjo.

Later, Madhu meets Pushkar and expresses her anger towards Rajjo. She says that her life’s biggest mistake is getting Arjun married to Rajjo. She vows not to let Rajjo get closer to Arjun.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pushkar throws Manorama into the river. Rajjo grows worried about Manorama finding her missing. Rajjo asks Madhu about Manorama. Arjun and Rajjo argue over this.

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