Rajjo 26th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun questions Chirag about supporting Rajjo


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The episode starts with Rajjo picking up the broken glass pieces of the vase. Chirag asks Rajjo to do it carefully. Rajjo says that she will clean whatever Arjun breaks as Chirag did a big favor by bringing her mom here. Chirag says that she’s helping her as he thinks that Rajjo is right and Urvashi is wrong. He says that he finds Urvashi fishy. Rajjo confirms that she’s a fraud. Chirag asks Rajjo to expose Urvashi. He says that as her mom is with her now, she can give her full focus to expose Urvarashi and stop Arjun fron marrying Urvarashi. He says that Arjun took the decision of marrying Urvashi in hurry and he will definitely regret it in the future so he asks to expose Urvashi in front of Arjun before the wedding and save her relationship with Arjun.

Rajjo says that nothing left between him and her as Arjun breaks her heart into million pieces like this vase. She says that she doesn’t want to reunite with Arjun again. She says that she just wants to expose Urvashi and prove her innocence. She says that she doesn’t care whom Arjun marries. She says that she feels pity on Arjun for not able to see Urvashi truth despite her all attempts to make him understand. He always accused her only. She says that maybe Arjun deserves a life partner like Urvashi. Chirag asks if Rajjo really wants this. Rajjo denies it. She says that she never wants bad for Arjun, but Arjun is convinced that she’s wrong just by listening to Urvashi. She says that she will try to expose Urvashi before the wedding and she won’t regret if she couldn’t do it before the wedding. She just want to clear her name and prove all the allegations put on her She claims that she doesn’t care about Arjun marrying Urvashi.

Chirag asks if she really doesn’t care about it. Rajjo confirms yes and asks Chirag why he’s asking her again and again. Chirag says that he always seen truth in her words, but not this time. He gives Rajjo Arjun’s swear. Rajjo says that no matter how much she cares for Arjun, he always misunderstands her and hates her. She says that he doesn’t trust her and hurt her many times, but never apologized to her. Chirag says that this is called feelings. He says that she only feels it without worrying whether the other person feel it or not. He asks Rajjo to take Manorama inside. Rajjo agrees and leaves taking her mom.

Urvashi is on call with Pushkar. Pushkar is shocked when Urvashi says that Chirag decided that Manorama will stay with Rajjo at Thakur’s mansion. Pushkar shouts at Urvashi for not stopping Chirag. Urvashi says that Kalindi should have done it, but she was standing silent. Pushkar says that Urvashi is with him on the mission to oust Rajjo. Urvashi taunts him. Pushkar asks Urvashi not to let Manorama to talk to Rajjo. He says that if Manorama gets her memory back, she will tell Rajjo the truth and they will get caught. Urvashi says that maybe Pushkar will get caught alone as Manorama knows about something which she doesn’t know so he is scared. Pushkar threatens Urvashi and asks her to keep Rajjo and Monorama away from each other.

Urvashi says to Madhu that Manorama and Rajjo can plot to stop the wedding if they stays together and asks her not to let Manorama and Rajjo to stay in the same room. She asks to let Manorama stay in the guest room next to her room. Madhu agrees. Rajjo refuses to accept it and argues with Urvashi. She asks who she’s to decide about her mom. Arjun arrives there and scolds Rajjo for disobeying Urvashi. He reminds Rajjo that she’s Urvashi’s personal staff and urges her to obey to her orders which shocks Rajjo. Manorama feels dizzy. Rajjo holds her. Arjun says to Urvashi to make, Rajjo do whatever she wants. He is with her.

Arjun goes to Chirag. He hugs Chirag and asks why he is on Rajjo’s team, not in his team. Chirag says that Rajjo and Arjun are the same team. Chirag says that he may not accept this now, but he will accept this in the future. He says that their team is solid and it’s made by God and no one can break their team. He says that one day Arjun will say to him that he is right and he is waiting for that day. He leaves. Arjun recalls Chirag’s words then Rajjo’s words and gets confused.

Rajjo is showing Manorama’s things to her in order to make her remember her lost memory. Manorama is unable to tell Rajjo the truth as Urvashi is keeping an eye on them. Manorama asks Rajjo to stop. Rajjo cries and says that how much she misses her mom and asks when she will get back her mom. She lays her head on Manorama’s lap and asks when her problems will end.

The episode ends.

Precap: Manorama overhears Urvashi’s discussion with her mom on the call and learn that she’s going to transfer the one crore ransom money they got from Thakur to her account. Manorama takes the bank papers to give to Rajjo so that she can prove to Arjun her innocence. Arjun asks Rajjo to clean the floor. Arjun and Rajjo grow closer. Manorama looks for Rajjo. She’s shocked to find Pushkar in front of her.

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