Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update: Swara helps Rajjo


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The episode starts with Rajjo hiding behind Arjun when Niharika arrives there. Niharika asks Arjun, with whom he was talking. Arjun tells a lie to her. Niharika asks Arjun to tie her blouse’s dori, which angers Rajjo. While Arjun ties Niharika’s blouse, Rajjo takes Niharika’s phone from her pouch. Niharika tries to grow closer to Arjun. The latter says that they’re not married and sends her away. Rajjo tells Arjun that she got Niharika’s phone while he was busy tying up her blouse. Arjun praises her. Rajjo sends a message from Niharika’s phone to Amit asking to meet her. Arjun wants to accompany Rajjo to meet Amit, but Rajjo refuses and reminds him that he should stay at home. Rajjo asks Arjun to return Niharika her phone and gets her duppata. 

Niharika realizes her phone is missing and wonders where it has gone. Just then, Arjun arrives and returns the phone to Niharika. Niharika sees the girl with the red duppata (Rajjo) running out of Arjun’s room. She grows suspicious. Later, Niharika blackmails Swara and assigns her to follow the girl with the red duppata. Swara obliges and follows Rajjo. The latter is waiting for Amit. Swara is surprised to find out that Rajjo is the girl with the red duppata. 

Amit arrives. Rajjo confronts Amit about Niharika and her baby. Amit says that he and Niharika want to keep their relationship secret till he achieves something in his life, but she broke up her relationship with him when she got pregnant and left him to marry a rich guy. Rajjo asks Amit to fight for his love and his baby. Amit refuses as Pushkar is rich and very influential, so he can harm him and his family. Rajjo asks Amit if he can forget his baby. She asks if he doesn’t show courage now, then he can never meet his child. Amit says that they are dangerous. Rajjo says that she knows yet she’s fighting against them for her love. She tries to convince Amit to fight for his baby. 

Niharika receives Swara’s video, which isn’t clear. She sees the girl with the red duppata talking with a boy. But she can’t see their faces or hear them. She phones and scolds Swara. Swara says that she can’t record better video as she recorded it hiding. She thinks in mind that she’s only loyal to Rajjo. Niharika doubts that the girl with the red duppata has some connection with Rajjo. She goes to the bodyguards arranged by Pushkar. She scolds them. She asks them to be more alert and not let anyone else than the family inside the house. 

Rajjo takes Amit to Thakur’s house. They are unable to enter the house as Niharika tightened the security. Amit is scared that Niharika might have grown suspicious. Rajjo assures her that Niharika can never guess that she could reach him. They wonder how to enter the house. Just then, Rajjo gets an idea after seeing the servant taking the wedding clothes on a moving rack. 

Rajjo takes the rack inside the house. Amit is hiding in the rack. Niharika grows suspicious of the girl and wants to follow her, but Kalindi stops her. Kalindi grows doubtful when Amit sniffs. Kalindi tries to check the rock. First Arjun, then Swara distracts Kalindi and Niharika and sends them from there. Swara says to Rajjo and Arjun that she’s with them. She helps them by showing a hiding place for Amit. Arjun says to Amit that he should expose Niharika’s reality in front of the family before his and Niharika’s wedding. Rajjo thanks Sawra. Rajjo is determined to expose Pushkar and his daughters. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Arjun and Rajjo grow anxious when Amit goes missing. Pushkar approaches Amit, whose hands and legs are tied up with a gun. Niharika is sitting in the wedding mandap. Pushkar assures Niharika that the work is done. Rajjo says that she should find Amit before the phere. Chirag brings the groom whose face is covered. 

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