Rajjo 27th November 2022 Written Update: Manorama collects evidence against Urvashi


The episode starts with Rajjo telling Manorama how Urvashi framed her. She says that Urvashi accused her of trying to loot Arjun and kidnapping Urvashi. She compares Urvashi to shoes. Urvashi, who is overhearing Rajjo, hiding hiding, gets furious to hear this. Urvashi goes to Rajjo. She reminds Rajjo that she’s her maid and she asked her to iron her clothes. Rajjo says that she will do it. She has just come to check her mom. Urvashi insults Rajjo and Manorama, saying that they have free food and accommodation.

Rajjo gives her an apt reply. Rajjo mocks Urvashi about always complaining to Arjun about her, which angers Urvashi. The latter grabs Rajjo by her hair. Rajjo screams in pain and calls out to her mom. Manorama pushes Urvashi away. Manorama says to Urvashi that she will complain to Chirag that Urvashi is fighting with Rajjo. Urvashi raises her hand to slap Manorama. Rajjo holds Urvashi’s hand and twists it. She warns Urvashi not to dare to raise her hand on her mom. Urvashi cries and calls out to Arjun. The latter arrives there. He asks Rajjo to leave Urvashi. He warns her not to touch Urvashi again.

Rajjo threatens to cut Urvashi’s hand if she again tries to raise her hand on her mom. Urvashi says that Rajjo is lying. Rajjo says to Arjun to ask Manorama if he doesn’t trust her. She says that Urvashi tried to slap her mom and she stopped her. Urvashi says that Manorama is Rajjo’s mom, so she will take her side only and maybe she can pretend to lose the memory. Rajjo says that Urvashi’s scary face proves her lie. Arjun scolds Rajjo for hurting Urvashi and asks her to apply balm on Urvashi’s hand. Manorama understands that Urvashi is plotting against Rajjo and is determined to expose it. She decides to support Rajjo in this battle and fights urvashi with Rajjo.

Kalindi tries to ignore facing Rajjo. Rajjo confronts Kalindi about betraying her by exchanging the paper which had Urvashi’s name with the paper with her name. Kalindi lies that she didn’t exchange the papers and accuses Urvashi of doing it secretly as she knows where the locker key is. She assures Rajjo that she’s still on her side. Rajjo asks Kalindi to swear that she’s still at her side. Kalindi does so, but she says that she still can’t support Rajjo in front of the family.

Manorama hears Urvashi talking with her mom on the phone call. Urvashi says that she got her bank statement. She says that she will transfer the one crore that they got from the Thakurs to another account. Manorama collects the bank statement to give it to Rajjo so that she can prove her innocence to Arjun when Urvashi is in the washroom. Urvashi comes out of the washroom to take the towel. She is shocked not to find the bank statement in the place she left.

Arjun pretends to be on call with a friend. He praises Urvashi and talks about hid wedding with her in order to annoy Rajjo. Rajjo fumes in a rage at hearing this. He signs Rajjo to do her work. Rajjo spreads plastic sheets on the floor. Rajjo slips. She holds Arjun to balance herself. They both fall and roll on the floor. They get wrapped in a plastic sheet. Kaun Tujhe plays in the BG. Rajjo helps Arjun to come out it. She says that she was talking to his friend using Sia’s toy friend. She annoys Arjun.

Manorama looks for Rajjo to give her the evidence she collected against Urvashi. She sees Rajjo working in the hall. She is about to go to her. But suddenly, Pushkar comes in front of her. He says that ge caught her, shocking Manorama.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo and Arjun take a selfie together. Manorama wonders where Rajjo is and thinks of telling her Pushkar’s truth. Rajjo cries, seeing Arjun with Urvashi. Manorama throws a shoe at Pushkar and hides.