Rajjo 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Pushkar spills the beans


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The episode starts with Kalindi asking Rajjo what she is doing. Rajjo tells her that Pushkar and Niharika locked him, then beat Amit. Why did they do it? Kalindi tells her that she is creating unnecessary issues at her wedding. Niharika is carrying Arjun’s baby. The priest is shocked to hear it and runs from there. Madhu says to Rajjo that the priest left there. She was aware that she was planning something without her knowledge. Rajjo says that she isn’t playing. Niharika was playing with her trust. She isn’t ready to ask her who Amit is? Why did Pushkar lock him? Madhu tells her that she will deal with it. She demands Rajjo leave Arjun’s hand. Arjun says that he won’t leave her because they love each other. Kalindi says that they are playing with her sister’s life. She won’t allow her to stop this wedding. Rajjo says that it seems her father didn’t reveal the truth to her. Kalindi inquires Pushkar. What is this all? Rajjo says that he is Niharika’s boyfriend. He is the father of Niharika’s baby. That is why he beat him. Everyone is shocked after hearing it.

Relatives questioned Arjun. Then what happened on that night? Rajjo tells her that she will reveal the truth about what happened on that night. Niharika wanted to take revenge on them for sending Pushkar to jail. She added drugs and gave them to Arjun. She tried to take advantage of him. But Arjun got alert. She tried to use that situation to favour to her. She made her believe that something had happened between them. She shares the same incident with them. When she was about to leave the house, she noticed the pregnancy kit in the bathroom. She thought it was Kalindi or Swara’s but it was not. She saw Niharika vomitting. She understood that she was pregnant before this incident. Later, Kalindi threatens to send Arjun to jail if he fails to marry her. Kalindi and Niharika demand her to release Pushkar from jail instead of withdrawing the case from Arjun. She did it for Arjun’s sake. But Pushkar showed his real face after he got released. He demanded her to leave Arjun’s life forever. Niharika wishes to use Arjun’s name for her baby.

Relatives asked her then why Arjun had sent a divorce notice to her. Arjun says that Niharika sent it to separate them. Rajjo says that she may think she doesn’t know how to write. But she isn’t a fool to use her finger prints. She knows how to sign at least. Niharika refuses to accept the truth. Swara proves in front of everyone that Niharika did it. Niharika asks her how she dared to insult her. Chirag stops her. Niharika says that she did it because she hates her. Rajjo says that she hates her to the core, but she tries to separate Amit’s baby from him. Kalindi says that she said to her that he didn’t need this baby. So she lied to her. Chirag says that she played along with her. She was ready to betray them to her sister. Kalindi apologises to him but Madhu lashes out at her.

Pushkar says that they said a lot. Niharika is carrying Arjun’s baby. He might marry her. Rajjo says that he is not a good father. He isn’t teaching his daughter to choose the right path. Even after he learnt Niharika’s truth, he wasn’t correcting her mistakes but supporting her. Rajjo adds that he tried to kill her to hide his mistake. It was in his blood to hide others, to hide his truth. Rajjo reveals the truth to everyone about how she saved Amit. Arjun shows the video to them. Madhu lashes out at Niharika for betraying them. Kalindi says that they take advantage of her love for them. Madhu argues with Pushkar. He tries to reveal the truth to Rajjo, but Arjun supports her. Pushkar reveals Madhu’s truth to Rajjo. Arjun lashes out at his mom.

Episode end

Precap; Pushkar will escape from the police. Academy students will catch him. Manorama will throw sand in his eyes and demands the police to arrest him. Arjun will ask Rajjo to marry him again.

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