Rajjo 4th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo gets a hint about Manorama’s whereabouts


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The episode starts with the doctor assuring Arjun that soon his wife will be fine. Meanwhile, Rajjo believes that Chirag will support her even though his family isn’t supporting her. She is about to leave to see Chirag. She mistakenly makes a glass fall and breaks into pieces. She picks a broken glass piece.

Rajjo feels dejected when she hears Chirag saying to Kalindi that he can never forgive Rajjo for what she did with Siya and wants her to agree to get treated and get well soon. Rajjo cries that even her brother, Chirag, is upset with her. She is determined to unmask the lie and bring the truth in front of everyone. Rajjo is about to leave through the back door. Madhu and Jhilmil catch Rajjo.

Rajjo seeks his trust. She says that Arjun will definitely trust her and come to her if he truly loves her. She further says that she won’t give up on finding her mom even if he doesn’t come. She says that she will do all possible to find her mom with or without his support. Just then, Rajjo notices that Nangu is there in disguise. She pretends to escape and run towards him. Nangu Kaka places a note in Rajjo’s hand. The ward boys catch Rajjo. Rajjo voluntarily sit in the ambulance and leaves. Arjun feels emotional at seeing Rajjo leaving. Madhu stops Arjun from going after the ambulance.

Madhu says to Pushkar that she did her part of the work and asks him to make sure that Rajjo stays forever in the asylum. Pushkar asks her not to worry. He says that Rajjo won’t be aware of what will happen to her. Meanwhile, Rajjo escapes from the ambulance when the ambulance stops at the signal. Rajjo reads the note given by Nangu Kaka. In the note, Nangu Kaka says that Manorama came to the Magardhal that day. He asks Rajjo to enquire about Manorama to the villagers who leave near the forest near the Magardhal. Rajjo is hopeful of finding her mom.

Arjun is worried about Rajjo. Niharika goes to Arjun. She says to Arjun to tolerate the pain of staying away from Rajjo for the latter’s sake. She asks to think of the new start that they will give to their relationship after Rajjo returns from the hospital getting well. Arjun doesn’t have any hope of restarting their relationship, as something bad always happens whenever they try to have a fresh start. Niharika asks Arjun to share his pain with her. She goes to get coffee for him. Arjun misses Rajjo. He regrets leaving Rajjo’s side when she needed his support and scolds himself.

Rajjo stands near the Magardhal lake and recalls her moments with her mom. She misses Manorama. Suddenly, a villager threatens Rajjo with a knife and asks what she’s doing there. On the other hand, Arjun prays to God to show him a way. His family arrives there and wishes Arjun on his birthday. Here, the villagers try to attack Rajjo. Rajjo says that she isn’t their enemy and has come to find her mom here. She seeks their help. But they refuse to believe her. There, Thakurs get cake to celebrate Arjun’s birthday. Arjun isn’t interested in celebrating his birthday when Rajjo is in the hospital. He worries about her.

Here, Rajjo gets ready to attack the villagers. She tries to explain to them that she doesn’t want to do anything bad for them, but she has just come here to find her mom. A lady arrives there and stops the villagers from Rajjo. Rajjo says to her Manorama’s physical description and the description of her clothes and shoes. Rajjo asks the lady if she has seen her mom. The lady shows a pair of shoes which belong to Manorama to Rajjo. The latter is shocked to see blood stains on the shoes.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun finds Rajjo unconscious and tries to wake her up. He shouts Rajjo.

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