Rajjo 5th March 2023 Written Update: Arjun tie the knot with Rajjo


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The episode starts with Rajjo searching for Arjun. Arjun comes near her holding a candle. He tells her that the two of us might love each other a lot, but we weren’t asked what we felt or how When the relationship was forged. We were merely bound to each other. We are going to stat a new life tomorrow. We are going to forge a new relationship. That’s why he want to ask her as to what she want. Will she marry him? He promise her that he won’t let anyone come between the two of them.

Rajjo tells him. If he let anyone come anywhere near them. She will run away. He assures her that he won’t let her leave him. He wil catch her. She tells him that she will run really faster than him. He tells her that he will put his his around her. Then she won’t be able to go anywhere. He will always go after her for life. As always. Rajjo says Liar! When have you ever come after her? She was the one who came after him, Ll the way from her village. She disrupted his wedding twice and he is saying that he come after her. He asks her, who comes after whom? Does that even matter? We are destined to be together. So, we did. Now, she can fight with him, argue with him. She can do everything. But she will never able to get rid of him. She asks him who told him that she want to get rid of him? No matter where he is? She want to spend each and every moment with him. Because without him there is no life. He tells her that she was accidentally optimistic about life. Because she was connected to him. He tells her that she don’t lack anything. She is perfect. She hugs him in happiness.

Arjun says to Rajjo that mom is here. He says to her that he proposed her to marry. They are doing something similar. Chirag asks her why she is crying? She don’t want to force a tie with their family. She says to him that her world was only her and mom. But god gave these many relatives to her. It was a tears of happiness. Madhu tells her that she is the real happiness of this family. She asks her to marry Arjun. This family, this household needs her. She asks her will you become her daughter in law? She nods with her. Rajjo asks her how will she possibly turns down her wish.

Swara about to leave. They inquires her where she is leaving? She tells her that she is going far from them. Swara says to them that she shouldn’t have hide to them about her pregnancy. But Rajjo helped her to hide the truth. Chachi asks her why did she hide the truth from them? Rajjo says to her that she have to ask this to Mukund. If he gave respect to her and talk about divorce. Then she wouldn’t have hide the truth from them. Chachi says that Swara also mistake here. Madhu says that they are fault here. They didn’t take care of the responsibility. They didn’t guided our children well. It’s their mistake. Chirag and Kalindi supports Swara. Chachi apologizes to Swara.

Later, Arjun and Rajjo exchanged their garlands. They takes pehras together. He ties the knot with her and applies vermilion on her hairline. Everyone claps for them. Rajjo asks him who is he? He tells them that he is in-charge of the national games. Coming to the players taking part in the marathon this time. Even her name is on that list. They saw her viral video of running on the internet. They noticed that she is capable to participate in this marathon. If she is ready to participate then they will book the flight ticket for her tomorrow. They couldn’t contact her that is why he came here to contact her.

Rajjo thank him for considering her and gave this golden opportunity to her. She tells him that she was married now she can’t leave her family now. He leaves from there. Manorama informs Rajjo that she got PT teacher job in a school. It’s near by their village so she have to leave. She asks her not to leave she will miss her. Manorama consoles her. Later, Arjun and Rajjo spends a romantic night. Arjun informs everyone that he decided to send her to pursue her dream. She will complete her training in 6 months. Family members supports her. Everyone takes a family picture.

Episode ends

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